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Finding Dory Craft for Kids

Looking for a Finding Dory craft to your new favorite movie? Have you seen the newest Disney blockbuster? The lovable, forgetful Dory has made a big impressions on so many hearts. And now all of our kids are asking for a fish… Dory is a blue tang which is a salt water fish. They are expensive […]

7 Reasons to Put BUBBLES in your Water Table

Kids get bored very easily. The water table was awesome for about a week and then it became a lawn ornament (sound familiar?). One of the ways I try to keep the novelty of toys from wearing off so quickly is to repurpose them. Finding new ways to use the toys they already have is […]

5 things you didn’t know about saving money on Amazon

  As the largest online retailer, Amazon is able to offer some of the best deals on an unbelievably large inventory of items. If fact, Amazon’s warehouses have more square footage than 700 Madison Square Gardens and could hold more water than 10,000 Olympic Pools ( via Business Insider). With a company this size, there are […]

Kids keep asking for something in the store? Try this trick!

Kids keep asking for something in the store? Try this trick!     Is it just me or do your kids go through phases of obsession? I think the first was Strawberry Shortcake, then Princesses… it goes on from there and it changes often. Currently we are battling an obsession with “lip gloss” (lip balm) […]

Keep Kids Reading this Summer! Join our Summer Reading Challenge!

Do you ever feel like you don’t read enough to your kids? Do you have the best of intentions but there just is never enough time in the crazy busy days? Join our Summer Reading Challenge! According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children who read aloud with their parents and engage in story time experience […]

Baked Zucchini Spears

Looking for a healthy, tasteful, baked zucchini recipe to start using your summer zucchini? Here is a super easy way to get more veggies in your diet in a delicious way! Baked Zucchini Spears   The most popular recipe on this blog, hands-down, is the recipe for buttery, Parmesan zucchini. I wanted to give you a […]

Best Gifts for Dancers

Whether it’s recital season, Christmas, or birthdays, just about everyone has a dancer on their list. Do you want to get them the perfect special gift but don’t know enough about what dancers need or use to even begin picking out a gift? Help is here! Best Gifts for Dancers   For many of these girls, […]

Easy Ranch Roasted Red Potato Recipe

Planning and making dinner every night is exhausting. Decisions about meat selection, which vegetable to use tonight, and needing a potato recipe… because how-many-different-ways-can-I-cook-a-potato woes are a daily struggle. Then they keep wanting dinner. Every. Single. Night. Easy Ranch Roasted Red Potato Recipe   Here is an easy recipe to add to your how-many-different-ways-can-I-cook-a-potato recipe list. It uses just […]

“I’m bored” Kids Activity Idea Jar

“I’m bored” Kids Activity Idea Jar   How many times a day do you hear “I’m Bored?” I can relate not only as a parent but also as a kid. My own Mom will tell you that my first words were “I’m bored”. (Okay they weren’t my first words). I’m type A and apparently it started […]

Mother’s Day Dinner Menu

Forget about finding the perfect gift! What Mom really wants for Mother’s Day is NOT to cook! Mom shouldn’t have to shop, plan, cook, and clean up on a holiday where she is the guest of honor, right? I pulled together a full Mother’s Day dinner menu plan with meat, vegetables, starch side dish, and even […]