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Easy Ranch Roasted Red Potato Recipe

Planning and making dinner every night is exhausting. Decisions about meat selection, which vegetable to use tonight, and needing a potato recipe… because how-many-different-ways-can-I-cook-a-potato woes are a daily struggle. Then they keep wanting dinner. Every. Single. Night. Easy Ranch Roasted Red Potato Recipe   Here is an easy recipe to add to your how-many-different-ways-can-I-cook-a-potato recipe list. It uses just […]

“I’m bored” Kids Activity Idea Jar

“I’m bored” Kids Activity Idea Jar   How many times a day do you hear “I’m Bored?” I can relate not only as a parent but also as a kid. My own Mom will tell you that my first words were “I’m bored”. (Okay they weren’t my first words). I’m type A and apparently it started […]

Mother’s Day Dinner Menu

Forget about finding the perfect gift! What Mom really wants for Mother’s Day is NOT to cook! Mom shouldn’t have to shop, plan, cook, and clean up on a holiday where she is the guest of honor, right? I pulled together a full Mother’s Day dinner menu plan with meat, vegetables, starch side dish, and even […]

Easy and Healthy Baked Asparagus Recipe

Want to try asparagus but not sure how to cook it? Here is a super easy garlic baked asparagus recipe with little prep and no-touch cooking. Asparagus is high in folic acid, potassium, and vitamin C. According to, it is one of the most nutritional rich vegetables. It also contains fiber and antioxidants for […]

Handprint Frame Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Happy Mother’s Day! You work really hard Mom, and you deserve a super awesome gift from the heart! Here is a Mother’s Day gift idea that Mom will treasure forever! Handprint Frame Mother’s Day Gift Idea   Ah, motherhood. The trails and tribulations. The handprints all over the mirrors, the toys all over the floor, […]

Tiny Fingerprints- A Poem for Mom

A Poem for Mom: Tiny Fingerprints. Tiny Fingerprints: They grow up so fast! A poem for the busy Mom who is knee deep in fingerprints…   Do you feel like you clean in circles? Do you wonder how your house can get to be such a mess when you just finished cleaning? Can you only vaguely […]

Try this little trick to get toddlers to sleep in their own beds! 

Lacking sleep because your bed has been taken over by kids?  I used this trick to get my kids to WANT to sleep in their own beds. Try this little trick to get kids to sleep in their own beds! I have a king sized bed that seemed humongous… Until I had two toddlers trying to sleep […]

My back pain relief secret…

  Looking for back pain relief without medicine or trips to physical therapy? Try this simple trick I found by accident that relieved my back pain and let me sleep! My Back Pain Relief Secret!   This post contains affiliate links to a product that helped me a great deal. I am sharing my experience only; do not […]

Is your child obsessed with YouTube? Make YouTube kid safe!

Do you worry what your child will stumble upon while watching YouTube? Use these simple trick to make YouTube kid safe! YouTube kid safe? Can it be possible? It starts out innocently enough. You Google Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to keep your one-year-old occupied in the grocery store so you can at least buy some milk […]

What you need to know about the stomach flu

If there is one thing worse than having the stomach flu- it is being a Mom with the stomach flu. As if it wasn’t bad enough being sick, running to the bathroom, and feeling soooooo weak- you still have to take care of your kids. And let’s be honest- they probably started this virus running through […]