5 Things you must have in your house for summer if you have kids (hint: not toys!)

Be ready! I you have kids, here are 5 Things you must have in your house for summer!

Remember when summer was relaxing and fun? Boy, how summer changes when you become a parent. Summer is still fun- just not relaxing for mom and dad. Chasing kids with sunscreen, cleaning up pool toys, lugging pails and shovels to the beach…

I guess during those fun summers we remember someone was doing all of the chasing and carrying for us. Since it is our turn, I want to share 5 things I make sure I have in my house to make summer a little easier.

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5 Things you must have in your house for summer: 

Mineral sunscreen– Did you know that the “big brand” sunscreens contains oxybenzone, a chemical that has “mild hormonal properties” ? Even though the bottle may say “Pediatrician recommended” the American Academy of Pediatrics says:

“If possible, avoid the sunscreen ingredient oxybenzone because of concerns about mild hormonal properties. Remember, though, that it’s important to take steps to prevent sunburn, so using any sunscreen is better than not using sunscreen at all.”

Mild hormonal properties. I could go on about the research results I found but instead I will tell you that we choose a mineral based sunscreen (such as Badger). Mineral based sunscreens don’t contain oxybenzone, are typically not absorbed, and do not break down in sunlight.

I just ordered thinkbaby mineral sunscreen since it has an 80 minute water resistance:

Always follow the advice of your healthcare professional.

Air pump– Why does every single summer toy have a component that needs blown up?! Save your breath and have an air pump handy (preferably an electric one!). It doesn’t have to be a huge one capable of blowing up a bouncy house (unless you do own a bouncy house). A small air pump (like the ones used to inflate an air mattress) can usually handle small to medium kids blow-up toys and even small pools.

Always follow instructions from the products manufacturer for safety! 

Water Toy cleaner– Last year I cut open a water toy. If you care to check it out, I made a video opening one to show you what is inside after a summer of pool use = 5 Ways to keep your water toys clean. Just GROSS. Trapped water causes bacteria to grow. The only thing you want your kids to get this summer is a break so keeping water toys clean is high on the priority list. There are SO many kid-safe toy cleaners on the market. You could also use a DIY cleaner such as vinegar, water, and baking soda. (I have entire Pinterest board for DIY cleaning products if you prefer chemical free cleaners!)* Any way you can prevent trapped water or keep toys clean is a win.

Essential Oil bug spray– Those summer nights… (you KNOW you just sang that line 😉 ) are full of summer bugs. Bug spray is a must! I discovered the importance of carrying bug spray everywhere after a night at the drive-in. Kids love to be out at dusk catching fireflies and watching fireworks so insect repellant is a must.  The AAP (them again!) recommends a bug spray with DEET. I go the chemical-free route with this essential oil blend from the Honest Company. As a mosquito magnet myself, I also love the OFF! fan because you just clip it one your clothing and nothing is sprayed on the skin.

Batteries– Bubble machines, flash lights (for playing spotlight!), remote control cars… I have used an entire Costco pack of AA batteries this June alone. It always a good idea to have extra batteries on hand. When we come in for the evening, we made it part of our routine to plug-in anything rechargeable (Power Wheels, RV Cars, even iPads) and bring in anything that needs new batteries. This way the toys the kids  love are ready to go out and play with them in the morning!


*Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer for safe use and cleaning of products. Consult your medical professional for medical questions and advice!




A few preparations can mean a less stressful summer for Mom and for your kids. Summer is too short and too important to their childhood to spend the days stressing. Be prepared with these 5 things you must have in your house for summer!


Fly your Happy Mom flag and join us!


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