7 Steps to a Happy Stay-at-Home Mom (SAHM)

How to be a happy stay-at-home Mom


Being a SAHM Mom can be lonely and stressful. It’s frustrating when you feel like you are stuck in the house all day with no real schedule. You seemingly take on the role of the housekeeper and cook instead of being the Mom you always thought you would be if you were able to stay at home with your kids. Well let’s take back your dream with these 7 steps to a Happy stay-at-home Mom:

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  1. Put on make-up and get dressed– First thing. Do it as soon as possible after you get up. You will feel much better if you take care of yourself first. Get up, brush your teeth, get dressed, put on make-up, fix your hair- whatever routine you have that makes you feel ready for the day. If you don’t do it first thing, the demands of kids and house start to pile up and grooming gets away from you. By getting up and putting yourself together first, you will feel prepared to start your day with confidence. You will also be ready for the unexpected (uh oh, we need to go to the store for milk or hey, is that a surprise visitor?)

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  1. Make your bed- Getting motivated when you don’t have to do anything on a time schedule can be very difficult. One thing I stated doing that changed how I approach my day is making the bed. (Read more here: LINK) Making your bed can give you a small sense of accomplishment that snowballs into a productive day.

Get motivated by making your bed

  1. Be the mommy not the maid– It is such a common misconception that stay-at-home Moms are responsible for all of the housework and cooking while they are home. I’m not saying don’t do any cleaning, but you are staying home to take care of your children, right? We all have an endless list of things we should/could/want to do around the house (regardless of our employment status). Things will get done in good time, just like houses without a SAHM. Prioritize, but don’t spend your whole day worrying about laundry and dinner. On that note…

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  1. Use a slow cooker– I kept hearing Moms talk about throwing everything in the Crock Pot and having dinner ready when they got home. What a great idea! Was I the only one not using a slow cooker? Are you? I bought a slow cooker (here is the one I have: LINK. It has a timer and automatic sets to warm when cooking is done! Be sure to pick up the liners for easy clean-up.) Then I searched Pinterest to find recipes. Here is a link to my Crock Pot Board on Pinterest. Feel free to follow to find easy recipes! Do you have a great recipe to add to the board? Send me an email and I will invite you to collaborate! (livinginhappyplace@yahoo.com) I would love to have you share your slow cooker recipes to my board!


  1. Have a plan– Part of the beauty of staying home is not having a schedule. I like to have a routine instead. Routines follow the same general pattern everyday but without the rigid time constraints of a schedule. Having a general routine makes it easier on Mom and her little ones. For example, everyone knows that after lunch it is story time then naptime. Find a routine that works for you and try to stick with it!


  1. Get out! Make getting out part of your routine.  Take a class, go to the park, make play dates or find a playgroup, go to the library/zoo/museum. Maybe Tuesday is library day followed by lunch in the park! Staying in the house all day every day is a surefire way to get SAHM burnout!


  1. Get away! From your kids that is. It is important to get out and have some time to yourself. You need to be able to breath and not worry about addressing someone’s needs for an hour or two (or three…). It is good for your children to be able to function without you. I am admittedly being a hypocrite here because this is the hardest step for me. I am working on it because I know that my kids need me to be away from them so they are not overly dependent on my presence. If you don’t have family that can help with childcare, maybe some friends you made through your Mom groups can help. If they are old enough, you might enroll your kids in a class or team that would allow you even a short time to read, check your email, or nap while they are in class/practice.

We started with taking care of yourself and that is a good place to come full circle. The motto here is Happy Moms, Happy Kids. Having happy kids truly starts with a happy mom! Make the most of your time being at home with your kids. And don’t forget to take care of yourself!!!!

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  1. Great post! I totally agree with all of these things…I’ve even recently bought a crock pot!!! Now I have to go put some make-up on 🙂

    • HappyPlace Mom says:

      Thank you! I have become dependent on my Crock Pot now! It really saves time! Sometime I don’t ever get to the make-up part 😉 If I can at least brush my teeth then it’s a win!

  2. I try and do all the cleaning /cooking while my kiddo is asleep and do the fun stuff with him when he is awake 🙂

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