Beach scavenger hunt activity for toddlers!


A beach scavenger hunt is a great summer activity for toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach! 

Even though the beach is lots of fun on its own, sometimes kids need to sit and relax for a moment. I love that this activity allows you to pull your toddler or preschooler up into your lap in the shade of your umbrella, and take in all the beauty of the beach. They are so busy making sandcastles and splashing in the water that they often miss all of the sights and sounds of the ocean and sand.

Printable Beach Scavenger Hunt for kids

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A beach scavenger hunt activity is great for bonding, learning, or keeping the kids occupied long enough to let them get some lunch and a much needed break. Every one can sit on their sand-fee blanket, get a drink of water, and use only their eyes to look around the beach for each item.

You can modify to match what you are learning about. For example, you can look for all the items in a certain color (find a red beach ball and a red towels, etc), letters (find all the items that start with “S”), and counting (find 3 seagulls).

The printable list is 2 colorful pages of words and pictures. Each item should be easily found on any beach (sandals, beach towels, palm trees, etc.).

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You can print these and throw them in your beach bag or suitcase. I love to laminate everything so of course I had to throw a peel-and-stick laminate sheet on this so we can reuse it every trip 😉

Now they can get back to their outdoor games (tag, monkey-in-the-middle) or just building sandcastles.

Don’t forget to print out and pack in your suitcase!


Get your printable Beach Scavenger Hunt below!





Beach Scavenger Hunt!


Get the printable 2-page Beach Scavenger Hunt!

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