How to make a Happy Spider: Easy Halloween Craft!

Preview: Easy Halloween craft for toddlers and preschoolers that also teaches shapes and colors!   Preview: Super easy and fun spider Halloween craft for toddlers!  Isn’t it so fun to share holidays with your children? I could not wait until my first baby was old enough to start painting pumpkins or try a Halloween craft […]

Finding Dory Craft for Kids

Looking for a Finding Dory craft to your new favorite movie? Have you seen the newest Disney blockbuster? The lovable, forgetful Dory has made a big impressions on so many hearts. And now all of our kids are asking for a fish… Dory is a blue tang which is a salt water fish. They are expensive […]

Handprint Frame Mother’s Day Gift Idea

DIY Mother’s Day gift idea that Mom will treasure forever! Ah, motherhood. The trails and tribulations. The handprints all over the mirrors, the toys all over the floor, the endless piles of laundry. Some days it gets really hard to remind yourself that you are a good Mom. It is even harder to remember that this […]

How to organize headbands with this Super Easy DIY Headband Holder! Hair-ties and headbands: organized!

  Preview: Headband holder DIY! Keep headbands and hair ties organized with this simple solution!   Ten minutes + $1 = headbands organized! Make this simple Headband Holder. Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of. Right? When you found out you were having a baby girl, did you picture a perfect […]

DIY Popsicle Holder Craft. Fun and functional activity for kids and Moms!

DIY Popsicle Holder Craft! Freezing little fingers? Try this easy to make DIY Popsicle holder to save little hands from freezing while they enjoy their chilly treat! Freeze Pop, Ice Pop, Popsicle– everyone calls them something different (brand names vary) but you know which ones I mean, right? The long, frozen stick ones that come in a […]

$1 Personalized Father’s Day gift from the kids

$1 Personalized Father’s Day gift from the hearts of your children! Don’ show this post to my husband because he hasn’t gotten his gift yet! 😉. Father’s Day is just a week away- are you ready? I just never know what to get my husband (or my dad) for Father’s Day. Ties, golf balls, and t-shirts are […]

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