Spooky Halloween Drink for kids!

Sneak preview: Just four ingredients make this spooky Halloween drink recipe for kids!  Your kids will love this fun and easy Halloween drink that is tart and sweet! It’s the perfect drink to add to your spooky Halloween menu of ghost pancakes, witch burgers, and rice crispy dessert! This post contains affiliate links. See About page for details! Did […]

Halloween Dessert- Ghost and Witch Pudding Cups

Sneak preview: This no-bake pudding cup Halloween dessert idea uses just a few ingredients and only 5 minutes prep! Need a last minute dessert? Looking for a no-bake easy option? This is the perfect Halloween dessert recipe for you! Just a few ingredients and 10 minutes to a cute Halloween dessert! This is another great […]

Peel and slice apples the easy way with these simple hacks!

Preview: Peel and slice apples the easy way using these simple tools and hacks! You want your kids to eat healthy, right? You offer apples as a healthy snack so how many apples would you say that you peel before your kid is old enough to use a knife? Say 3 a week from age 1 to maybe […]

Trolls Inspired! Rainbow Hair Trolls Cupcakes

Preview: Satisfy your Trolls lover with these easy Trolls cupcakes! (inspired by the movie!)   You don’t have to eat a troll to be happy- just try the cupcakes! 😉 This post contains affiliate links. Are your kids as excited for Trolls as mine are?! We are listening to the soundtrack by 10 am every morning. I […]

S’mores Oatmeal Recipe

Preview: This S’mores Oatmeal recipe is so easy and delicious you won’t be able to decide whether to eat it for breakfast or dessert! With suggestions for healthy ingredient substitutes, you can’t go wrong!  This is my new favorite oatmeal recipe. I can’t decide if it is better for breakfast or late-night snack. Either way, it is […]

Apple Barbecue Pork Glaze

Preview: This Apple Barbecue Pork glaze is the perfect way to spice up a boring old pork loin or roast! The New Years tradition of eating pork is rooted in the fact that pigs eat (root) forward and so if you eat it, you will move forward in the new year. (snopes.com) Superstitions aside, pork is usually […]

Pumpkin Pie Mashed Sweet Potatoes 

Preview: This mashed sweet potatoes recipe tastes just like pumpkin pie! They say smell is the strongest memory sense. I don’t think the scientists who said that ever tasted my great-grandmothers sauce. One taste will transport you back to sitting in her dining room sopping up sauce with Italian bread. Sometimes an amazing, special recipe creates a […]

Breakfast Apple Nachos

Sneak preview: Move over eggs and bacon! There’s a new breakfast in town! Breakfast Apple Nachos recipe    Either you are a breakfast person or you’re not; there’s no in between. You either wake up and eat bacon and eggs or you live on coffee and a muffin until lunch. Which morning eater are you? […]

Cheesy Cajun Baked Asparagus Recipe

Sneak Preview: This one-pan Cheesy Cajun Baked Asparagus recipe is the perfect easy side dish!   Cold weather just cries out for warm, cheesy side dishes. As soon as temperatures start to drop, you switch from the healthy, light baked zucchini recipes to roasted potatoes and hot steak. However, one-pan recipes are lovely any time of year! […]

The Bonding Power of Coffee and a Dessert Coffee Recipe

Sneak preview: A cinnamon vanilla dessert coffee recipe and a discussion about the bonds that “coffee” creates. Coffee has a way of warming the heart as much as it warms the body. In my family, coffee is not just a jump-start morning cup. It is a lifestyle. It is a verb. We are known for […]

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