Peel and slice apples the easy way with these simple hacks!

Preview: Peel and slice apples the easy way using these simple tools and hacks! You want your kids to eat healthy, right? You offer apples as a healthy snack so how many apples would you say that you peel before your kid is old enough to use a knife? Say 3 a week from age 1 to maybe […]

Breakfast Apple Nachos

Sneak preview: Move over eggs and bacon! There’s a new breakfast in town! Breakfast Apple Nachos recipe    Either you are a breakfast person or you’re not; there’s no in between. You either wake up and eat bacon and eggs or you live on coffee and a muffin until lunch. Which morning eater are you? […]

Let them eat cake! Tips and tricks to let your kids have their snacks while still eating healthfully. Part 1

The Challenge of Healthy Kids: Eating Healthy If I let my 2 year old eat cookies all day- she would. Not uncommon, I know. I’m often torn between wanting them to eat healthy and allowing them to just be kids. Moderation, I know, but I like to say “yes” as much as possible because their […]

Give your water a flavor kick with fruit ice! 

Fruit ice is a super easy way to help you drink more water and stay hydrated! According to the Mayo Clinic, men need about 13 cups of water per day and women need about 9 cups. (These numbers can increase based on climate, activity, and health so always check with your doctor). Water can get boring after the […]

Easy and Yummy Toddler Cereal Recipe

This toddler cereal recipe is easy, healthy, and sure to be a hit with even the most picky eaters (aka toddlers)! Just three ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen already and virtually no prep!   This is a recipe dear to my heart. My Mom has always told us that her “Grandpap” used to […]

What you need to know about the stomach flu

If there is one thing worse than having the stomach flu- it is being a Mom with the stomach flu. As if it wasn’t bad enough being sick, running to the bathroom, and feeling soooooo weak- you still have to take care of your kids. And let’s be honest- they probably started this virus running through […]

Cinnamon Sweet Potato Medallions Recipe

How many baked sweet potatoes can a person eat?! I know sweet potatoes are a healthier option and I love to feed them to my kids as part of a healthy eating plan, but we all get so bored with same old baked version. This Thanksgiving, I am switching it up and making this Cinnamon Sweet […]

Heal kid’s (and Mom’s) colds faster! Try this all natural healing tea cold remedy!

All natural healing tea cold remedy I have a head cold. Moms don’t get a day off so I need to get better fast. This article contains affiliate links. The only thing worse than a sick Mom is a sick kid. The minute your kids are not running around the house yelling and playing- you know […]

Let them eat cake! Part 3: Getting healthy foods in kids’ diets

Healthy Kids Part 3 Welcome to the last part of this series getting your kids eating healthy: Getting healthy foods into kids’ diets (and hopefully- in their mouths!).   This post contains affiliate links. Yogurt- A yogurt a day… we hear so much about the health benefits of yogurt. Getting kids to buy-in isn’t always easy. […]

Let them eat cake- Part 2: Cookies!

Healthy Kids Part Two- Cookies! Since we have reviewed healthy swap outs in part one, kids deserve a snack! How about cookies?! Here I am sharing two recipes that I have tried myself. Banana Oat Cookies- My favorite thing about these cookies- 2 ingredients!!! Oh, and they are healthy too. Oats and bananas. That’s it. […]

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