Breakfast Apple Nachos

Sneak preview: Move over eggs and bacon! There’s a new breakfast in town! Breakfast Apple Nachos recipe    Either you are a breakfast person or you’re not; there’s no in between. You either wake up and eat bacon and eggs or you live on coffee and a muffin until lunch. Which morning eater are you? […]

Buttery Seasoned Shrimp Recipe

Bored with chicken and burgers? Love shrimp but not sure how to cook it? Here is a simple, healthy, and delicious shrimp recipe that even the clumsiest cook can pull off! Buttery Seasoned Shrimp Recipe Can you just smell the buttery, sizzling shrimp? Sounds amazing, right? Well it is just as easy to make as […]

Easy and Healthy Baked Asparagus Recipe

Want to try asparagus but not sure how to cook it? Here is a super easy garlic baked asparagus recipe with little prep and no-touch cooking. Asparagus is high in folic acid, potassium, and vitamin C. According to, it is one of the most nutritional rich vegetables. It also contains fiber and antioxidants for […]

Cinnamon Sweet Potato Medallions Recipe

How many baked sweet potatoes can a person eat?! I know sweet potatoes are a healthier option and I love to feed them to my kids as part of a healthy eating plan, but we all get so bored with same old baked version. This Thanksgiving, I am switching it up and making this Cinnamon Sweet […]

Busy Mom Trail Mix Recipe

Busy Mom Trail Mix Recipe I could eat a bag of potato chips; sometimes a bag of chocolate. I don’t do it- but I could. (Okay maybe sometime I actually do it). As a busy mom, I grab whatever is easy, available, and fast. If it requires much prep- well, I’ll just get side tracked. […]

Healthy Pizza Bagel Lunch

Healthy Pizza Bagel Lunch My two-year old is on a pizza kick. She asks for it every day. I am always looking for ways to make her meals healthy and this new pizza trend is no exception. One of the ways I have been getting her to eat healthy food is by letting her help in the preparation. Pizza is […]

Have healthy lunch with this easy turkey sandwich

This easy, healthy lunch recipe swaps out ingredients for healthier options. Eating healthy can be easy by simply changing out regular foods for healthier alternatives. You know I love to hit all four food groups with one meal- so here’s another one! As always, it’s quick and easy and uses items you probably already have […]

Eat a healthy breakfast! Strawberries & Cream Oatmeal

Trying to eat a healthy breakfast? This strawberries & cream oatmeal recipe puts a tasty spin on a healthy favorite! Oatmeal was bit hard for me to swallow at first (pun intended). I have been trying to eat healthy not only for myself, but also to teach my kids some healthy eating habits. I know there are a lot of […]

Healthy and Delicious! Buffalo- Ranch Popcorn Snack Recipe

Healthy and Delicious! Buffalo- Ranch Popcorn Snack Recipe After being pregnant for the better part of two years, it is time to get healthy again. Let’s just say my diet could have been better. Between the nausea with my first and chasing a one year around while pregnant with my second, I just ate whatever […]

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