S’mores Oatmeal Recipe

Preview: This S’mores Oatmeal recipe is so easy and delicious you won’t be able to decide whether to eat it for breakfast or dessert! With suggestions for healthy ingredient substitutes, you can’t go wrong!  This is my new favorite oatmeal recipe. I can’t decide if it is better for breakfast or late-night snack. Either way, it is […]

Easy and Yummy Toddler Cereal Recipe

This toddler cereal recipe is easy, healthy, and sure to be a hit with even the most picky eaters (aka toddlers)! Just three ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen already and virtually no prep!   This is a recipe dear to my heart. My Mom has always told us that her “Grandpap” used to […]

Buttery Seasoned Shrimp Recipe

Bored with chicken and burgers? Love shrimp but not sure how to cook it? Here is a simple, healthy, and delicious shrimp recipe that even the clumsiest cook can pull off! Buttery Seasoned Shrimp Recipe Can you just smell the buttery, sizzling shrimp? Sounds amazing, right? Well it is just as easy to make as […]

Easy Ranch Roasted Red Potato Recipe

Planning and making dinner every night is exhausting. Decisions about meat selection, which vegetable to use tonight, and needing a potato recipe… because how-many-different-ways-can-I-cook-a-potato woes are a daily struggle. Then they keep wanting dinner. Every. Single. Night. Easy Ranch Roasted Red Potato Recipe   Here is an easy recipe to add to your how-many-different-ways-can-I-cook-a-potato recipe list. It uses just […]

Mother’s Day Dinner Menu

Forget about finding the perfect gift! What Mom really wants for Mother’s Day is NOT to cook! Mom shouldn’t have to shop, plan, cook, and clean up on a holiday where she is the guest of honor, right? I pulled together a full Mother’s Day dinner menu plan with meat, vegetables, starch side dish, and even […]

Easy and Healthy Baked Asparagus Recipe

Want to try asparagus but not sure how to cook it? Here is a super easy garlic baked asparagus recipe with little prep and no-touch cooking. Asparagus is high in folic acid, potassium, and vitamin C. According to Livestrong.com, it is one of the most nutritional rich vegetables. It also contains fiber and antioxidants for […]

Easy breakfast Pancake sandwiches! 

Easy Breakfast Pancake Sandwiches! I don’t know what to make for breakfast. Every single day I stand in the kitchen staring into the fridge. Pancakes, oatmeal, cereal, or eggs. Eating (and making) the same thing every morning gets BORING! Here is a fun way to switch it up. Super easy breakfast pancake sandwiches are quick […]

Easy Halloween Treat- Spooky Crispy Snacks! Great for school parties! Quick and delicious!

Easy Halloween Treat- Spooky Krispy Snacks! Did you just remember that you are in charge of treats for your kid’s school party? Are you too busy to bake but need a Halloween treat for a party or just to celebrate with family? I’ve got you covered! Rice Krispies cereal, marshmallows, butter, candy sprinkles, a few […]

Do you Yummly? Make meal planning easy and delicious with the Yummly recipe site!

Do you Yummly? Make meal planning easy and delicious with the Yummly recipe site! You need a little Yum in your life! Have you heard of Yummly? I’m so excited about this new recipe site! I am always looking for ways to make Moms’ lives easier and this is a great tool to add to […]

Easy Parmesan Noodle Side Dish Recipe!

Easy Parmesan Noodle Side Dish recipe! Simple ingredients, easy to make, and the perfect party dish! Moms are busy! Here in HappyPlace, we only do easy. Busy Moms typically do not have time to make recipes from scratch. If I see the words “baking powder” in a recipe, I move on. I do not have […]

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