15 “old-school” outdoor games for kids

The games we played: 15 old-school outdoor games for kids straight from YOUR OWN childhood! Remember the good old days when we used to play outside all day and night? Tag, red rover, mother-may-I…. all those outdoor games for kids that didn’t require toys. Reminiscing about all of those fun summer night is such a […]

Breakfast Apple Nachos

Sneak preview: Move over eggs and bacon! There’s a new breakfast in town! Breakfast Apple Nachos recipe    Either you are a breakfast person or you’re not; there’s no in between. You either wake up and eat bacon and eggs or you live on coffee and a muffin until lunch. Which morning eater are you? […]

Give your water a flavor kick with fruit ice! 

Fruit ice is a super easy way to help you drink more water and stay hydrated! According to the Mayo Clinic, men need about 13 cups of water per day and women need about 9 cups. (These numbers can increase based on climate, activity, and health so always check with your doctor). Water can get boring after the […]

My back pain relief secret…

  Looking for back pain relief without medicine or trips to physical therapy? Try this simple trick I found by accident that relieved my back pain and let me sleep! My Back Pain Relief Secret!   This post contains affiliate links to a product that helped me a great deal. I am sharing my experience only; do not […]

What you need to know about the stomach flu

If there is one thing worse than having the stomach flu- it is being a Mom with the stomach flu. As if it wasn’t bad enough being sick, running to the bathroom, and feeling soooooo weak- you still have to take care of your kids. And let’s be honest- they probably started this virus running through […]

3 Simple Ways to Remind Yourself You Are a Good Mom

It is too easy to forget that you are a good mom. You are. And here are 3 simple ways to remind yourself.  The daily chaos of raising children can set off a bout of Mom guilt that is hard to shake. Jake ate four Oreos for breakfast and thinks he is the newest star of WWE while Sofia refuses to […]

Heal kid’s (and Mom’s) colds faster! Try this all natural healing tea cold remedy!

All natural healing tea cold remedy I have a head cold. Moms don’t get a day off so I need to get better fast. This article contains affiliate links. The only thing worse than a sick Mom is a sick kid. The minute your kids are not running around the house yelling and playing- you know […]

7 Steps to a Happy Stay-at-Home Mom (SAHM)

How to be a happy stay-at-home Mom   Being a SAHM Mom can be lonely and stressful. It’s frustrating when you feel like you are stuck in the house all day with no real schedule. You seemingly take on the role of the housekeeper and cook instead of being the Mom you always thought you would […]

Busy Mom Trail Mix Recipe

Busy Mom Trail Mix Recipe I could eat a bag of potato chips; sometimes a bag of chocolate. I don’t do it- but I could. (Okay maybe sometime I actually do it). As a busy mom, I grab whatever is easy, available, and fast. If it requires much prep- well, I’ll just get side tracked. […]

Weight Watchers teaches healthy eating

What weight watchers taught me about eating healthy for life I lost weight with Weight Watchers. I am not currently on the program but I learned a lot while using the Points program. What I liked most about it was that it taught me how to eat. It is nice to lose weight, of course, but […]

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