Catch a picture of the Easter bunny IN YOUR HOUSE!

How to catch a picture of the Easter bunny in your house! (or anywhere) Imagine the excitement on your children faces when you show them a picture of the Easter bunny IN YOUR HOUSE! This post contains affiliate links. Using an app on your phone, you can snap a picture and use stickers to add the Easter […]

9 best Easter basket ideas for babies

Easter basket ideas for babies to give your little sweetie the best Easter ever!  Baby’s First Easter! Doesn’t it seem like your little cutie was just in your belly? Now it is time to pack up a little basket and dress up baby in his/her first Easter outfit. Time just flies. This post contains affiliate […]

Last minute gift ideas for that person you’re stuck on!

Preview: Last minute gift ideas for that one person you have left that is keeping you from being DONE shopping!   We all have that ONE person. That person who says “nothing” when you ask what they want. That person who buys gifts for his/herself while Christmas shopping so you have nothing left to buy. […]

Printable Christmas List! SANTA’s- address included!

Sneak preview: Use this printable Christmas list to leave yourself more time for wine!  Save Holiday Stress with this Customizable and Printable Christmas List! Even send it to SANTA- address included! It’s that time of year when everyone is asking for Christmas lists for your kiddos. It’s hard enough to figure out what to get your […]

Best Gifts for Dancers

Whether it’s recital season, Christmas, or birthdays, just about everyone has a dancer on their list. Do you want to get them the perfect special gift but don’t know enough about what dancers need or use to even begin picking out a gift? Help is here! Best Gifts for Dancers   For many of these girls, […]

Mother’s Day Dinner Menu

Forget about finding the perfect gift! What Mom really wants for Mother’s Day is NOT to cook! Mom shouldn’t have to shop, plan, cook, and clean up on a holiday where she is the guest of honor, right? I pulled together a full Mother’s Day dinner menu plan with meat, vegetables, starch side dish, and even […]

Handprint Frame Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Happy Mother’s Day! You work really hard Mom, and you deserve a super awesome gift from the heart! Here is a Mother’s Day gift idea that Mom will treasure forever! Handprint Frame Mother’s Day Gift Idea   Ah, motherhood. The trails and tribulations. The handprints all over the mirrors, the toys all over the floor, […]

Tiny Fingerprints- A Poem for Mom

A Poem for Mom: Tiny Fingerprints. Tiny Fingerprints: They grow up so fast! A poem for the busy Mom who is knee deep in fingerprints…   Do you feel like you clean in circles? Do you wonder how your house can get to be such a mess when you just finished cleaning? Can you only vaguely […]

Box Full of Family: A Christmas Countdown

Preview: Create a meaningful way to celebrate the Christmas countdown with your family.  Christmas Countdown: I’m not going to mention how many days left until Christmas. Even when its 45 days, my Mom starts to panic about being ready when Christmas Day finally arrives. There is never enough time for last minute details, forgotten gifts, […]

Printable Christmas Bucket List for Families!

Christmas is the craziest time of year. As if families aren’t busy everyday, the holidays take overscheduling to the next level. There are so many things we want to do during the season (on top of our every day activities) that we can easily forget all of our plans! This year, I am making a […]

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