Keeping Water Toys Clean

Water toys are hiding scary surprises inside! Find out how to keep them clean. *Warning- graphic images!* Rubber ducky you’re…. disgusting. I kept wondering what the “dark spots” were on the water-squirt toys. I wash them with cleaning solution at the beginning of the season and then with dish soap after every use. It couldn’t be […]

How to organize headbands with this Super Easy DIY Headband Holder! Hair-ties and headbands: organized!

  Preview: Headband holder DIY! Keep headbands and hair ties organized with this simple solution!   Ten minutes + $1 = headbands organized! Make this simple Headband Holder. Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of. Right? When you found out you were having a baby girl, did you picture a perfect […]

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