Betty Boo-Boo: Band-aid letter matching activity for preschoolers

Preview: A fun letter matching activity that builds motor skills and helps preschools match letter case! My kids love band-aids so much that I have actually bought packs to take in the restaurant to keep them busy while I eat my meal. (I promise we clean up the wrappers.) Luckily bandages are super cheap (Dollar Tree!) […]

Halloween Moon Dough and Sensory Play

Sneak Preview: Switch up that boring old moon dough recipe to a Halloween Moon Dough that smells AMAZING and is spooky sensory fun! Witches, bats, and monsters oh my! Im pretty sure moon dough is addictive. It is so soft! Everyone who has played with it says it’s hard to stop touching (even adults). I […]

15 MORE “old-school”Outdoor Games for kids

Looks for things for kids to do outside? Teach them these 15 MORE “old-school” outdoor games that we played as kids! The only thing more joyful than running through the yard carefree with the grass under your toes is having your own kids running behind you with a huge smile lighting up their little faces. Childhood […]

Beach scavenger hunt activity for toddlers!

  A beach scavenger hunt is a great summer activity for toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach!  Even though the beach is lots of fun on its own, sometimes kids need to sit and relax for a moment. I love that this activity allows you to pull your toddler or preschooler up […]

Back to School Saving with Amazon Prime Day!

  Have you heard it’s Amazon Prime Day?! Last year, Prime day was sort of a bust. I didn’t see any great sales I thought were amazing deals. This year Amazon came back in a BIG way. The details: 30 hours of sale beginning June 10th at 9pm. Exclusively for Prime members (but you can […]

The COMPLETE 2016 Holiday Shows Schedule for Kids

Preview: The ultimate, complete 2016 holiday shows schedule for the season including classic movies, new shows, parades with dates and showtimes. What more could you ask for? This post contains affiliate links.  Watching classic holiday shows with your kids is one of the best parts of the season. Being able to share their excitement (and your […]

Win the morning wardrobe battle with your kids

Sneak preview: Use these 5 tips to win the morning wardrobe battle with your kids and get out the door on time.  You think you hate mornings until you have kids. Then you realize that waking up groggy and leisurely getting dressed for work or class while sipping your morning coffee is actually bliss. Now, every […]

Kids keep asking for something in the store? Try this trick!

Are you always battling “I want something” tantrum when you take kids shopping? Try this simple trick to teach gratitude instead. Kids keep asking for something in the store? Try this trick!     Is it just me or do your kids go through phases of obsession? I think the first was Strawberry Shortcake, then […]

Keep Kids Reading this Summer! Join our Summer Reading Challenge!

Do you ever feel like you don’t read enough to your kids? Do you have the best of intentions but there just is never enough time in the crazy busy days? Join our Summer Reading Challenge! According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children who read aloud with their parents and engage in story time experience […]

Orange Dreamsicle Buttercream Icing

Orange Dreamsicle.  Doesn’t that phrase just transport you right back to your childhood? In your mind, 8-year-old you is now standing on the sidewalk in front of the house you grew up in. It’s mid-summer sweltering hot but you don’t notice because you have a cool orange Popsicle filled with creamy ice cream goodness dripping […]

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