9 best Easter basket ideas for babies

Easter basket ideas for babies to give your little sweetie the best Easter ever! 

9 Best Easter basket ideas for babies

Baby’s First Easter! Doesn’t it seem like your little cutie was just in your belly? Now it is time to pack up a little basket and dress up baby in his/her first Easter outfit. Time just flies.

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What do you put in an Easter basket for a baby who surely doesn’t eat candy and may not even be ready for baby puffs or yogurt bites? I am putting together my last “first Easter” basket this year :'( so I wanted to share with you some ideas for the cutest baby Easter basket ever… because your sweetie deserves the best!


The 9 best Easter basket ideas for babies:

1- Taggies– Baby always seems to find the tag on everything so why not give him a soft blank made for just playing with tags! It’s also probably safer because these tags are sewn on NOT to come off or shred. Taggies makes blankets, rattles, pacifier holders, and many more products to keep baby busy and happy!


2- Tomy Hide & Squeek Eggs– So cute and perfect for Easter! The eggs in this little carton squeak when baby pushes down on them and doubles as two matching games. The large eggs are perfect for baby’s little hands. Fun and educational 😉

3- Baby Babble– I have to add my absolute favorite baby product: the Baby Babble series. These DVDs were developed by 2 speech language pathologists and were instrumental in helping my kids learn to talk. They start with simple sounds and include sign language in each video. As my daughters watched, I noticed them trying to repeat the sounds. They were very engaged in the videos (even though I wasn’t convinced when I first watched) and babies seem to love the simple images and sounds. They are recommended starting at 3 months old (for the first video) and stage up from there. We have the whole series because I was so impressed that I ended up buying each one! Starting this set would be the perfect addition to baby’s Easter basket!

4- Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy– It seems that all of my friend’s with babies have this cute musical toy. It is easy for baby to hold, lights up, and plays 7 different classical music selections. There is even a volume setting for little ears. Mine has lasted through 3 kids now so it’s pretty durable!

5- Links– These links are so useful! Babies love to chew on them to ease teething pain. I use them to hook toys and cups to strollers, high chairs, and bouncy chairs. I make a chain long enough for baby to reach and hook onto toys (like the Baby Einstein musical toy above) then onto the stroller. Baby can reach they toy without it falling on the floor and mom doesn’t have to play pick up (off of the germ-y floor!). They are also great for building fine motor skills.

6- O Ball rattles– If you haven’t heard of O Balls, they are a line of baby toys that have large, flexible holes that make them easy for little hands to grip. I have seen these used often by Early Childhood Development Specialist since these toys are great for building motor skills. They come in a variety of shapes such as rattles, balls, cars that roll, large balls for floor lay, and even this awesome Activity Arch that attaches to strollers to keep baby busy on the go. It might even attach to an Easter basket as a decorative handle!

7- Books– Building a child’s library is always a great investment. Give baby the gift of reading by starting them off with some adorable Easter books. We have fallen in love with the Llama Llama series in our house. The stories are easy for little ones to follow and they rhyme (which makes it fun to guess the last word of the sentence when baby is older!):

And these two guys are always a baby favorite:

You can also give the gift of an unlimited library that baby can use (and learn from) on the go. We have been using the Epic! app for over 6 months now and I can to say enough good things about this tool. This is a great way to read to baby anywhere (waiting rooms, car rides, restaurants) and have access to 20,000 titles without having to carry or store a ton of books.

I want to share a link with you that will allow you to try the first month free:
Read the best books for babies on Epic!

8- Motorized Ball-  These vibrating balls are great sensory play for babies! They vibrate and move on the floor so they are great for encouraging crawling and super fun to pick up! They come with a variety of features– some light up, play music, or roll across the floor. They are a fun addition to your Easter basket ideas for babies

9- Teether–  Have you seen all the cool options for tethers available now? No more boring freezer rigs like they had when I was little. My baby’s favorite is the vibrating teether. When he bites down, the teether vibrates and soothes his gums. There are teether shaped like cookies,

Bacon (no, seriously)

or the developmental favorite- the Nuk Brush:


9 BEST Easter basket ideas for babies

And now baby’s first Eater is a hit! Hitting a milestone is so bittersweet- so cute and fun to celebrate but it means your little sweetheart is getting older (can you tell I am struggling with my last baby growing up?!). Before you know it you will be planning their birthday party.

I hope these 9 Easter basket ideas for babies help make Easter extra special for you and your baby!

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