How to organize headbands with this Super Easy DIY Headband Holder! Hair-ties and headbands: organized!


Preview: Headband holder DIY! Keep headbands and hair ties organized with this simple solution!


headband holder

Ten minutes + $1 = headbands organized! Make this simple Headband Holder.

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of. Right?

When you found out you were having a baby girl, did you picture a perfect little lady in a light pink fluffy dress, lace timed socks, and curly locks with a beautiful bow in her hair standing perfectly with a big, sweet smile on her face? Me too.

Two years later, do you have a straggly haired, pajamas-all-day wearing, sometimes princess who refuses to wear bows throwing a tantrum on the floor because she can’t have another cookie? Yep, me too.

I still hold out hope that she will wear a bow again someday before middle school. In the meantime, she will agree to wear headbands on occasion. I’ll take it. So now we have a zillion headbands all over the place. Every time she goes to get one, she HAS to dump the lot of them on the floor and sort through until she finds the one that “matches”. (It usually doesn’t but I don’t dare discourage!) I needed to find some type of headband holder/organization while I still hold on to my dreams of cute little bows…

I found a solution by recycling an oatmeal container and a roll of decorative tape from Dollar Tree. Ten minutes, one dollar= headbands organized! 


Headband Holder

Here’s what you need:
1 Large (empty) container of oats

1 roll Decorative Duct tape (I got some from Dollar Tree)

1 big mess of headbands/ponytail holders/bows

DIY headband holder

Super easy:

Starting at the bottom of the oats container, wrap the tape slowly around the cylinder.

Easy DIY headband holder

Continue wrapping around the container one layer at a time being careful to match up rows as closely as possible. (note: I tapped one row at a time to make the ends of the tape touch. I did not use one continuous wrap until I reached the top because it would cause bubbling. Wrap around once and cut then start the next row). Add rows until you reach the top. It took me less than one full tape roll to complete a 42oz container.

DIY headband holder

Finished! Place headbands around the container and now there is also a place to put all those loose bows:

hair bow and headband holder

So now I have an easy headband holder AND a place to store my dreams (aka- those cute little clips and bows I’m still holding on to)!

DIY hair bow and headband organizer

I’m sure it goes without saying that I could care less if she ever wears a bow again. She is amazing and I love her in a bow, a headband, a hard hat, or a surgical scrub cap (hey, a mother can dream right?)

I bet I gave my mom the same problems- maybe even worse ones- and I turned out all right! Didn’t I?! Oh well, her daughter will give her the same battle. It’s part of the mother-daughter bond?

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Do you have one item of your child’s that drives you crazy? Have you found a way to organize that you would like to share with us other Moms who are also lost in a mess? Please leave a comment and share. Please. 😉

A Headband holder is a good start to organizing!

Keep things organized with this headband holder

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