$1 Personalized Father’s Day gift from the kids

$1 Personalized Father’s Day gift from the hearts of your children!

Don’ show this post to my husband because he hasn’t gotten his gift yet! 😉

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Father’s Day is just a week away- are you ready? Here is cute project that is personal and easy. What better gift than something the kiddos made all by themselves (well, maybe with a little help from Mom). And it only cost $1.

fathers day

The DAD frame is from Dollar Tree. I found it in the frame aisle (imagine that, right!). I simply purchased the frame and let my kids decorate a picture. They had their own special gift for Daddy in about 10 minutes.

Here’s what you need:

DAD frame from Dollar Tree

Card Stock (or construction paper)

Markers or Crayons


Small foam stickers (optional)



I opened the frame then took out the glass pane and “photo” paper inside. Don’t pitch that fake photo! Take the picture and place it in the corner of your cardstock or construction paper. Trace it to get the correct size and shape page for the frame. (see photo) Cut out the shape and now you have your “canvas”

diy gift craft

Let the kids decorate! My kids are both under 3 so they definitely had some Mom help. I traced both of their hands and let them place some foam heart stickers. We reviewed our letters while spelling out d-a-d-d-y in some small foam letter stickers (which I had in the house-  I think I bought them at Dollar Tree also- any letter stickers would probably work) . I added the year with a marker so we would always remember when the girls made it.

DIY gift idea

Is there a special thing Dad does with the kids that they might like to draw (fishing, riding bikes)? Maybe Dad has a favorite sports team or hobby? Be creative! This is a nice opportunity for kids to reflect on the special things Dad does and why they love him so much. It also might be a good time to explain Father’s Day to younger kids; this activity and associated discussion can help them understand why we are celebrating.

When your special drawing is finished, replace the glass then center the picture in the frame and use a piece of tape to hold it in place.

gift craft

Finally, put the back on the frame and secure it to keep the masterpiece safe. Dad will be getting a precious gift straight from the hearts of his children for Father’s Day this year. Better than a tie, right?

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 What special gift did your child/children get for Dad this year? Leave a Comment below!

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