Finding Dory Craft for Kids

Looking for a Finding Dory craft to your new favorite movie?

Finding Dory Craft activity aquarium

Have you seen the newest Disney blockbuster? The lovable, forgetful Dory has made a big impressions on so many hearts. And now all of our kids are asking for a fish…

Dory is a blue tang which is a salt water fish. They are expensive (the fish alone cots between $50 and $100- the tank could be thousands!) and can be difficult to care for. Even Disney doesn’t want you to buy one! (LINK; then scroll down to the Responsible Fish Ownership PDF).

So let’s find an alternative that makes everyone happy! How about a Finding Dory craft aquarium that you don’t have to clean, feed, or pay thousands of dollars for. Celebrate their new found love of that little blue fish with this adorable Finding Dory craft aquarium.

finding dory craft aquarium

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Here’s what you need:


  1. Put a small amount of glue on the bottom of the clear cup
  2. Add Cheerios to cover the bottom plus about another about 1/2 inch or so (of Cheerios) to represent aquarium rocks.
  3. Cut green pipe cleaners into 3 small sections (about 3″ or so) and bend into “seaweed like” shapes. Twist the 3 sections together at the bottom.
  4. Carefully place the pipe cleaner seaweed in the Cheerios and add a drop or two of glue to hold in place.  finding dory craft aquarium
  5. While the glue is drying, create the “fish on the stick” using toothpicks and stickers.
    • Find two stickers of the same character that match up pretty closely in shape. It does not have to be an exact match.
    • Place toothpick about half-way down the sticky side of one sticker.
    • Match up shape (as best as you can) and adhere sticky side of second sticker to sticky side of first sticker.
    • Trim toothpick with scissors if necessary
    • Repeat with additional desired characters
    • finding Dory craft
  6. Carefully position each toothpick into the Cheerio base in deserved location. Add a dot or two of glue to help hold in place.
  7. Add any additional aquarium decor (for example, the star fish in the photo).
  8. Allow to dry and enjoy your Finding Dory aquarium!!!

finding dory craft

finding dory craft

Now you can enjoy Dory, Nemo, and any other fishy friends without the care and expense of a live fish! Everyone wins! Well, at least until the next Disney Blockbuster comes out 😉

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Finding Dory Craft

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