Most FUN gifts for your Barbie Lover!

Sneak preview: Barbie gift guide- The most fun gifts for the Barbie lover in your life!

Barbie is not a toy. It is a right of passage. It is also a mom right-of-passage to pass on this timeless tradition. In fact, Ruth Handler came up with the idea for Barbie while watching her own daughter play with paper dolls in 1959 and realized the importance of pretend play. She noticed her daughter (Barbara) giving the dolls real-life rolls such as college students and career women. Barbie was always much more progressive than her reputation would lead you to believe.

I SO miss Peach N Cream Barbie… but I do love all the fun new options for Barbie!  She has come so far following Ruth’s vision now with Barbie Careers and the Barbie Fashionista line featuring dolls of all shapes and sizes. You have to check out some of the amazing advancements in Barbie accessories- it is mind-blowing!

I researched some awesome, fun new toys for Barbie and I wanted to share some gift ideas for your favorite little Barbie lover! (You can find more details or purchase through the affiliate links included in this article).

1. Barbie Glam Getaway House

This is #1 on my list because it is small and portable. It folds close and has a handle so your Barbie lover can carry her favorite toy on the go! It comes with a bunch of cute accessories (20+) such as a bed, toilet, kitchen chairs, a tea pot, and even a vase of flowers. The pieces snap in to keep all the accessories in place. It features 3 rooms and folds out to 2 1/2 feet!

Amazon has a few different packages so you can add the Getaway convertible or birthday Barbie to make a sweet gift!

2. Barbie Glam Pool

A Glam Getaway House wouldn’t be complete without a Glam Pool! This is great as an add-on to the house or on it’s own. How adorable is this with the palm tree, chandelier, and fun slide!


3.  Dream House Toy Box and Playmat

The perfect place to store all of those Barbies! It even unzips into a fabulous Dream House play mat!

4. 2016 Holiday Barbie

This is where life-long Barbie collections begin!

5. Barbie Fashionista Ultimate Closet

Barbie has to have a place to store all of those fabulous clothes! I really love how affordable this is– and it even comes with 2 complete outfits. This portable closet folds open to reveal two clothing racks as well as shelving for shoes and purses (of course!). Complete with hangers and real working drawers.

Of course you can get extra hangers because Barbie always seems to have a full closet but nothing to wear 😉  These ones (LINK) are just over $2 for 20 and they are heart shaped!


We can’t talk about Barbie fun without mentioning the two staples in Barbie-life. No collection would be complete with out the tried-and-true Barbie accessories that will never go out of style: the convertible and the dream house

Barbie Glam Convertible

This is one of the accessories that hasn’t changed much over the years. How can you go wrong with a pink convertible for the girliest girl toy in history?! This car features a SPARKLING pink finish, realistic tires, Barbie logo upholstery, and even seat belts!

Barbie Dream House

Ah, every little girl’s dream (before they start asking for iPads and Ugg boots…). You won’t believe the new features!

Three floors, 7 rooms, working elevator, 70 accessories, and CHECK THIS OUT:

From the listing: “Smart” accessories snap into an interactive furniture piece for lights, sound and/or motion — for instance, try the aquarium to watch the fish swim and hear bubble sounds”

WHAT? watch fish swim?! Um. I kinds want this… hey, if I have to play too… =)



Meet Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

Barbie moves into the high tech world with this wi-fi enabled, speech recognition super mansion. It won the “Toy Insider Top Tech 12” award and features 4 motors, working elevator, spinning chandelier, and moving stairs that turn into a slide with voice command. You tell the 6 rooms in the house what to do including 13 light switches and a crackling fireplace.

This is nicer than my house. And it has more features.


I hope your little Barbie fan enjoys these toys as much as I… I mean, my daughter.. would. Okay, mom so loves them too! Barbie never goes out of style!

Most fun gifts for Barbie lovers

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