Gifts for kids that HELP Mom! 

Preview: Skip the drum set and get gifts for kids that help mom instead of driving her crazy!

Gift for kids that help mom

As your kids are writing their letter to Santa, what is running through Mom’s head?

  • “We have enough toys”
  • “Oh ya, you’re going to play with that for a whole five minutes”
  • “Didn’t you get one of those last year?”
  • “Where are we going to put all of these toys?!”
  • “Just more junk I’ll have to pick up”

Did I miss anything?

What if I told you that you could wake up Christmas morning to a pile of toys that help Mom instead of driving her crazy?! I have based my site on here on trying to help make Mom’s life easier so here are a few gifts that might do just that!

Don’t feel guilty! Teaching children to use tools of daily living is great for motor development, teaching independence, and building confidence (“I can do it myself”!). If you follow Montessori, these skills fall under Practical Life which aims to help children gain control of their environment (Montessori Primary Guide).

And if they help Mom out in the process.. well let’s call that a win/win! I want to share a few ideas of gifts for kids that help mom too!

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Gifts for kids that HELP mom!

Working Play Vacuum

Well if they are going to run it all over your house, it might as well pick up some crumbs along the way right?! Lots of parents must agree because there are so many different models of kid’s “toy” vacuum cleaners to choose from. They actually have suction and removable debris holders to help clean up while they are playing. Here are a few examples:

Dust and sweep sets

While we are on a cleaning streak, there are two sets from Melissa and Doug that have cleaning supplies. The Squirt and Squeegee Play Set and the Let’s Play House play sets include different supplies for helping clean up the house.




Zip-up bed linen

What if your kids would want to make their beds?! It really can happen! With a Zippysack, making their beds is as easy as one zip! They come in many fun colors and characters and fit on a twin bed just like a fitted sheet. The “comforter” is attached and opens/closes by a zipper. Kids can make their own bed in two seconds flat! They also stay in place while your kid tosses and turns during the night (helping them stay warm).

No-tie laces

How many hours of your life do you spend waiting for your kids to put their shoes on? Here is a fun gift that keeps on giving: Shoe laces that don’t need tying.  No more waiting for kids to tie their shoes. No more tripping on untied races. These elastic “no tie” laces make any pair of shoes into slip-ons! They come in a huge variety of colors and styles to fit virtually any shoes. Every time I talk about this product, an adult says they want some! The good news is that they are one size fits all.


Car Seat Buckle Release

Stop crawling through the minivan to get your older child out of the seat belt! (I know because I have 3 under 4 and I found myself doing this all the time). I actually purchased and use this product: Bucklebee. It helps older children unclip the bottom of their five-point-harness when they just don’t have the strength to do so yet. It is also great for parents/grandparents who have hand problems or find the release difficult. This is obviously for kids who are old enough to use it properly.  My daughter has never tried to take this off until the car is in park but I wouldn’t put one on her sister’s seat until she was like 10 because I know she would think it was a fun challenge. You know your child best. They have even been crash tested. Please see manufacture site for more information on safety and proper usage.


Share these ideas of “gifts for kids that help” mom with that person who keeps asking you “what does Johnny want for Christmas”. (Or add them to the things Mom wants for Christmas!)

While I can’t seem to find any gadget that will help them clean their room, you can buy house cleaning services through Amazon Services! Yes, that’s right! Amazing, huh? (if you love Amazon as much as I do, come join our “Amazon is my Happy Place” Facebook group!)

Gift ideas for kids that HELP mom!

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