How I get my kids to WANT to play!

How I got my kids to want to play everyday

If it were up to my daughter, she would spend all of her waking hours on YouTube Kids. Obviously I don’t let her do this- but she would like to. Since she is still only three, I can unplug the modem and say the internet isn’t working. She immediately goes to alphabet songs app and sings every single letter song video she can.

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I love and she learns a lot from it (read more about our experience with I have talked to a lot of other parents who agree but have a hard time getting their kids to sit down and complete the lessons. I ran into the same issue with my daughter at first. One of the things I love about (First Month Free – Click here!) is their customer support. Any time I have a question or an issue, I just email them and I get a quick response. I asked for tips on how to get my child to engage and one of the things they suggested was to play with her. Looking for a fun way to do so,  I accidentally found a tip that allows me to play with her and gets her excited to play all the time.

My trick- Apple TVBy using Apple TV to wirelessly connect my iPad to our television, I am able to put the whole app up on the TV screen. Everyone can see clearly (even my one year old joins in!) and we can work together on the puzzles, games, and songs.

If you aren’t familiar with Apple TV, it is a small box that connects to your tv by a cable. With a wifi connection, it puts your Apple products up on your television screen. You can watch your movies, listen to your song list, access apps, and even “mirror” any Apple device such as your iPhone or iPad unto your tv screen. This is how we use I open the app on my iPad and “mirror” to the tv screen using Apple tv. Anything I do on the iPad can be seen on the tv screen. (Awesome option for family game night!)

ABC lets the child build their avatar, keep a fish tank, and build their room. They can “purchase” clothing, fish/tank accessories, and items for their room by using tickets that they earn by completing activities. This has become a great motivator! My daughter has been playing for several days to earn enough tickets for the “tea party dress”. We also have completed marathon sessions to earn tickets for fun fish and aquarium accessories. We aren’t just playing a game… we are LEARNING! This has become a great bonding experience as we pick items we want and complete the activities to get closer to the number of tickets we need. Even I am look forward to playing now!

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Who hates learning/homework more- your children or you?! What do you do to make this time fun? Leave a comment and tell us about it. We are good listeners.

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