“I’m bored” Kids Activity Idea Jar

Preview: Keep kids busy with a bunch of play suggestions using this Kids Activity Idea Jar! 

Kids Activity Idea Jar

“I’m bored” Kids Activity Idea Jar


How many times a day do you hear “I’m Bored?” I can relate not only as a parent but also as a kid. My own Mom will tell you that my first words were “I’m bored”. (Okay they weren’t my first words). I’m type A and apparently it started at young age…

My daughter is only 3 and she is already saying it. Should I worry? That seems young to be bored 😉 I try to keep her busy with a Montessori playroom set-up and a plethora of activities but she is very indecisive about what to do. I agree that letting children “be bored” encourages creativity and imagination but sometimes she just needs a little help.

I want to share with you an idea that has been working for over a year now! I assembled a Kids Activity Idea Jar to help pick an activity that she can do herself or we can do together on those days when even I am not sure what to do next. I love that it gives me an excuse for Mommy & Me activities. It is simple to make and has been a lifesaver when I need to cook dinner or work from home!

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Here’s what you need for your Kids Activity Idea Jar:

~an empty jar or container (I used an empty icing container but any empty peanut butter jar, Tupperware, or other container would work!)

~ slips of colored construction paper

~ pen/crayon/marker

~ chalkboard labels (I used this type from Amazon: LINK)

~ list of activities

I used different colors of paper to represent the weather. The BLUE papers are rainy-day activities (I use the blue ones as special places such as the museum, bounce places, Chuck E. cheese, etc. and they pick one the night before), the GREEN papers are outside activities, and the YELLOW papers are anytime activities. This way we avoid the disappointment of pulling a “Go to the park” activity when it is thunder storming! You can add/remove as necessary to make sure they are able to pick an appropriate activity.

kids activity idea jar

Here are some suggestions:



Take colored papers and write weather appropriate activities on each. Fold and put into jar, close he lid, and shake it up! Add the chalkboard label and call the jar something like: Family Time Activities, the I’m Bored Jar, Fun Things To Do!- anything you’d like.

kids activity idea jar

This kids activity idea jar has been such a big hit that she often brings me the jar and says “Mom, I’m bored” just as an excuse to pick an activity. Parenting win. Anytime she find a new favorite activity, we add it to the jar. It also comes in handy to find an activity she and her sister can do together. I can cook without having to try not to yell and they can have fun without watching TV or asking for iPads!

What will you add to your kids activity idea jar?

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