Mother’s Day Craft bracelet for toddlers and preschoolers to make for Mom!

This Mother’s Day craft idea will warm Mom’s heart because it’s made by her favorite little artist(s)!


DIY mother's day craft bracelet gift idea

Remember your first Mother’s Day? Wasn’t it so exciting to finally be part of a holiday that celebrates the most special bond in a person’s life? Mother and child ❤️

On that first Mother’s Day were you excited to think about the spring plant or “Best Mom” mug you would be getting as a gift? Of course not! You couldn’t wait for the day when their excited little faces would be running to hug you, carrying construction paper cards, craft picture frames, and handmade gifts decorated with their cute little scribbles…

Being a Mom is such a blessing.

Before I start tearing up… I wanted to come up with a simple craft that even the little kids can make. Toddlers love their Mommies too! This is a super easy craft bracelet idea that toddlers and preschoolers could make for Mom (with a little bit of help). *Be sure to send this to dad to help give him some ideas 😉

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Mother’s Day Craft bracelet

Here’s what you need*:

Paper rolls (paper towel or toilet paper cardboard rolls)





(*be sure to choose supplies that are age appropriate)

mothers day craft DIY

  1. An adult should cut the paper roll long ways to create an opening. Then cut the roll into about 1″ sections to make “bracelets”
  2. Use crayons to add color before decorating
  3. Decorate by adding gems, spelling words out with letter stickers, adding a personal message, etc.
  4. Allow any glue to dry
  5. Give to Mom to wear as a special bracelet!

mother's day craft bracelet

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Mother's Day craft for toddlers

Not just for Mom! How much would grandma/auntie prefer a sweet, handmade bracelet to a traditional plant or boring gift card.

Don’t forget to print the Tiny Fingerprints Poem to add to the card:

“So here is a keepsake that you can treasure. Our tiny fingerprints you can keep forever. A set of handprints that won’t wipe away. As a way to help you remember these days…”

I can’t wait to pull these bracelets out of a box in 20 years when I am remembering my long-grown babies and maybe even preparing to be grandma! This is more than just a Mother’s Day Craft- it is a keepsake to hold on to a little piece of your babies 💕

Fly your Happy Mom flag and join us!


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