My back pain relief secret…

back pain relief


Looking for back pain relief without medicine or trips to physical therapy? Try this simple trick I found by accident that relieved my back pain and let me sleep!

My Back Pain Relief Secret!


This post contains affiliate links to a product that helped me a great deal. I am sharing my experience only; do not consider this medical advice. Always consult a medical professional with medical issues or before starting any exercise routine.

Back pain is the worst. Whether it’s from injury, pregnancy, or just plain old life- it can interfere with your every day activities. I could go on talking about back pain but if you’re reading this then you get it. And you’re probably in pain so I’ll get right to it.

One day, by accident, I found something that helped my lower back pain tremendously. I was doing a Windsor Pilates video and after I finished, I noticed that my back/hips/legs felt stretched. I did not have pain shooting down my leg. I could walk without pain. No medicine, no medical treatment, no surgery, no therapy- just an easy exercise video. Who knew?!

That night I was able to sleep– a miracle after constant back pain from a previous car accident and related surgeries. It had to be the Pilates. I couldn’t think of anything else I did differently. I could not believe that I had so much relief. So I tried it again. And it worked.

Now any time my back is killing me and I can’t sleep, I do this Windsor Pilates Workout and every time I am amazed at how well it works to alleviate my back pain. It is a short (under 30 minute) stretch workout. No shoes needed. No sweating (it’s not cardio). It is all floor work (no standing or jumping). It’s simple and short and inexpensive and TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Here it is:

Windsor Pilates Bun & Thigh Sculpting:


This is the exact DVD I rely on when I am at my wits end with lower back pain. I have even used it in the middle of the night when I wake up in pain and am desperate to get back to sleep.

I hope this simple workout gives you as much back pain relief as it gave me! It is an older video but I have not come across another exercise that has helped me nearly as much.  It’s worth a try, right?!

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