Weight Watchers teaches healthy eating

What weight watchers taught me about eating healthy for life I lost weight with Weight Watchers. I am not currently on the program but I learned a lot while using the Points program. What I liked most about it was that it taught me how to eat. It is nice to lose weight, of course, but […]

Out-the-Door Box of busy toys

Keep busy toys handy so you can grab them on your way to the car with the  “out-the-door” box! This post contains affiliate links Kids do not like restaurants. Most kids anyway. I’m not sure what it is about a restaurant that makes a child feel like a caged animal longing to run free. Maybe […]

A mom’s guide: Kalahari Resort Review

 A mom’s guide: Kalahari Resort Review- Sandusky, OH Thinking of visiting Kalahari Resort this season? Here is my “Mom’s guide” to Kalahari in Sandusky, Ohio. As a mom traveling with small children, I don’t like surprises. The better prepared I am, the better our trip will be. I am sharing my recent experience and some […]

Healthy Pizza Bagel Lunch

Healthy Pizza Bagel Lunch My two-year old is on a pizza kick. She asks for it every day. I am always looking for ways to make her meals healthy and this new pizza trend is no exception. One of the ways I have been getting her to eat healthy food is by letting her help in the preparation. Pizza is […]

Daily Motivation- Making your bed can make your day!

 Daily Motivation- Making your bed can make your day! I’ve recently started making my bed. For the first time in… okay, my whole life. I never really saw the point- I’m just going to climb right back into it and no one is going to see it messy- so why bother with the effort? Well, […]

Separation Anxiety in Children: Creating a tool to stand-in when Mom can’t be there

Separation Anxiety: Creating a tool to stand-in when Mom can’t be there. This post contains affiliate links. Meet Mommy Bear Aren’t I lovely in my sequin dress?… My daughter picked it out of course. Lately she has been hanging on to my leg. Literally. When my husband tried to take her to tumbling class, she […]

Let them eat cake! Part 3: Getting healthy foods in kids’ diets

Healthy Kids Part 3 Welcome to the last part of this series getting your kids eating healthy: Getting healthy foods into kids’ diets (and hopefully- in their mouths!).   This post contains affiliate links. Yogurt- A yogurt a day… we hear so much about the health benefits of yogurt. Getting kids to buy-in isn’t always easy. […]

Let them eat cake- Part 2: Cookies!

Healthy Kids Part Two- Cookies! Since we have reviewed healthy swap outs in part one, kids deserve a snack! How about cookies?! Here I am sharing two recipes that I have tried myself. Banana Oat Cookies- My favorite thing about these cookies- 2 ingredients!!! Oh, and they are healthy too. Oats and bananas. That’s it. […]

Getting kids to eat a healthy lunch using a fun presentation!

In keeping with our healthy choices series, here is a quick, easy lunch made with a few “swap-outs” and highlights a tip: presentation! When your bag of “healthy eating tricks” is empty, try a unique, fun presentation. If your son loves to build things, present him with whole wheat crackers, low-fat cheese, and some fruit pieces […]

Triscuit Pizza! A quick and easy snack!

Triscuit Pizza! A quick and easy snack! Ah, Triscuit Pizza. This is a “blast from the past” for me. My siblings and I ate our weight in these delicious snacks when we were little. My brother says he can never eat another one because he made himself sick eating a whole plate of them as a […]

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