Have healthy lunch with this easy turkey sandwich

This easy, healthy lunch recipe swaps out ingredients for healthier options. Eating healthy can be easy by simply changing out regular foods for healthier alternatives. You know I love to hit all four food groups with one meal- so here’s another one! As always, it’s quick and easy and uses items you probably already have […]

Halloween lunch

Ok so I racked my brain (and my kitchen) to find a Halloween lunch. As usual, there is no time for anything except easy. I managed to keep my 2yo busy with a Halloween project and the baby playing in the high chair so I have about 10-15 minutes before someone gets bored and tries […]

Halloween breakfast fun! Easy ghost pancake Halloween breakfast

Easy ghost pancake Halloween breakfast Happy Halloween! It’s a bit hard to get little kids excited for Halloween. They still aren’t sure about celebrating a holiday full of ghosts and goblins. I’ve been trying to find ways to show my little ones that Halloween can be fun. We’ve been reading Halloween books and watching fun, toddler-safe […]

Quick healthy breakfast

 Fun, healthy breakfast for kids! I’m out of pancake mix and my daughter wants pancakes. Now I have to think of something cool so she forgets she wanted pancakes. I like to make easy, healthy breakfast food we both can eat. The easier the better because I am not a huge breakfast person. Here is a quick easy […]

Trending now- KNITTING!

Trending now- Knitting! I blame it on the scarf fashion trend- but everyone is kitting now! I am too obsessed with crafts not to try this one and now finger and arm knitting make it so easy. Being a beginner and not knowing anyone who is familiar with the process, I turned to the second […]

Toddler activity- Paper roll necklaces

Paper roll necklaces Here is a quick and easy craft for toddlers. I’m sure preschooler’s would also enjoy this activity but I like to label it as toddler because it is so hard to find safe, easy things for toddlers to do. I spend a lot of time trying to find anything to distract my […]

Eat a healthy breakfast! Strawberries & Cream Oatmeal

Trying to eat a healthy breakfast? This strawberries & cream oatmeal recipe puts a tasty spin on a healthy favorite! Oatmeal was bit hard for me to swallow at first (pun intended). I have been trying to eat healthy not only for myself, but also to teach my kids some healthy eating habits. I know there are a lot of […]

Where is your happy place?

Where is your happy place? Where do you escape to in your mind when things get crazy? Most days, life goes on in fast forward. We are all in ‘reaction mode’ taking things as they come because we don’t have time to slow down and think ahead. Every day our ‘to-do’ lists get longer instead […]

Edible Yogurt Painting for Toddlers

Let younger kids get in on the fun with edible yogurt painting for toddlers! My 1.5 year old puts everything in her mouth. Not news to any parent, I’m sure, but this is a fact I have to take into consideration in every single part of my day. Anything within reach has to be child […]

Healthy and Delicious! Buffalo- Ranch Popcorn Snack Recipe

Healthy and Delicious! Buffalo- Ranch Popcorn Snack Recipe After being pregnant for the better part of two years, it is time to get healthy again. Let’s just say my diet could have been better. Between the nausea with my first and chasing a one year around while pregnant with my second, I just ate whatever […]

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