Plastic Easter eggs idea: DIY surprise egg Mommy & Me activity

Make good use of those plastic Easter eggs with a fun mommy & me activity!


Plastic Easter egg Mommy & Me Activity!

I did not purchase one single plastic egg this Easter yet I have 6 dozen of them in my house. Six dozen. New. Plastic eggs.


They came from Easter egg hunts and baskets- but NOT the ones from the Easter bunny. I caught a picture of the Eater bunny in my house. We talk about plastic eggs. He agreed- no eggs.

Yet I still have quite the collection. SO what do I do with all those plastic eggs after Easter? I could save a few for next year (not that I need to since we will get 6 dozen more), throw them out… but I thought of something fun instead: a mommy and me activity idea for some fun, sensory play!

Since my kids are obsessed with Youtube videos, I thought instead of watching people have fun opening surprise eggs, we could make our own! Imagine that idea- having our own fun instead of watching other people play. Radical idea, I know but worth a try.

Plastic Easter Egg craft idea

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Here’s what you need:

plastic Easter eggs


Character figurines (small enough to fit in the eggs)

I’m sure you know how to make surprise eggs after seeing 724,867 Youtube videos about it, but here is how we did it:

  1. Put the character in the egg
  2. Roll the Play-Doh out
  3. Cover the egg
  4. Let the child pull the Play-Doh off and
  5. Open the egg to reveal the “surprise”

(It is easier to cover the eggs if you are able to roll the Play Doh out flat first)

Plastic Easter egg idea for Mommy & Me activity

plastic easter egg reuse idea

Plastic Easter eggs idea: DIY surprise egg Mommy & Me activity

Make it game:

This actually ended up being so much fun! We took turns creating and opening the eggs. The creator secretly added a character and the “opener” had to guess what was inside before ripping it open. I even tried to ruin the fun by making it educational: I gave clues like “the character inside has red hair”, “the character’s name starts with A”, “this character has 4 legs”. Luckily noone noticed I was trying to instill knowledge because they were too busy trying to guess. This also a great sensory play and fine motor building activity but I won’t tell if you don’t 😉

Fun, educational, and hands-on. Take that Youtube.

Honestly, my favorite part had to be the smiles. Watching them get so excited to open the eggs and seeing their faces light up when they thought they guessed the character… I love it. So much of parenting is about taking care of our kids. It these moments when we get to enjoy our kids that are what makes us happy parents. And good ones at that 😉

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So as you finish cleaning up from Easter, save a couple plastic Easter eggs and use them to make some memories with your kids!

Fly your Happy Mom flag and join us!


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