Preparing MOM for Kindergarten

Preparing MOM for kindergarten

Are you putting your precious baby on the bus for the first time this year? Are you more scared than he is? Sometimes it is MOM who needs to prepare for that huge trip to the first day of kindergarten!

You are not alone.

One of the most amazing little boy is going to kindergarten this year. I remember the day his Dad held him up in the nursery window. I’ll never forget my first look at my new nephew. I could not have guessed how much he would change my life. You see, this little guy is the reason I changed my hard-headed mind to decide that I did, in fact, want kids. He was the cutest, most precious little thing and he was so amazing that I NEEDED one! I will never be able to thank him for that gift he gave me.

Watching my little sister become “Mom” was also a gift. From parties to Pampers and high heels to baby booties; I am the oldest but this is one time I am very glad she went first. I am so blessed to have someone who has been there to experience “Mom” things with. Now, as her baby takes this step into kindergarten, my heart aches with her to see this 9 pound bundle of baby joy put on his backpack and climb up into the bus that will take him to his first of day of “real life”.

So here is some support for the Moms who have to send their babies off into the cold, cruel world of kindergarten. Okay, for the kids it is actually the warm, fuzzy world of musical fun- but that is not how Mom sees it!

From other Moms who have been through it and lived to tell their stories:

When Kindergarten Feels Like The Beginning Of The End– From

And Then You Went to Kindergarten. From  (the photo alone is a real tear-jerker!)

7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Child Started Kindergarten– From

Be prepared Mom! Parents’ Guide to Kindergarten– From

I hope these stories from other Moms provide you some comfort that everything is going to be okay. At the end of that dreaded first day, when he comes home and tells you how much fun he had- you will be so proud of him. You should also be proud of yourself for doing the absolute hardest job in the whole world- and doing well. You have raised a helpless, tiny baby into a productive little student. Way to go Mom!

How did you make it through the first day of kindergarten? Help other Moms by leaving a comment and sharing your story!

Where would we be without other Moms?  Thank You to Moms

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Preparng Mom for Kindergarten

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