Printable Christmas Bucket List for Families!

Printable Christmas Bucket List

Christmas is the craziest time of year. As if families aren’t busy everyday, the holidays take overscheduling to the next level. There are so many things we want to do during the season (on top of our every day activities) that we can easily forget all of our plans! This year, I am making a Christmas Bucket List to keep track of all of the holiday traditions I don’t want to miss because of the holiday hustle and bustle.

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I wanted to share this printable list with you so you can enjoy all the holiday activities and traditions that we Mom’s can easily forget between dance class, soccer practice, holiday parties, and cookie exchanges.

Printable Christmas Bucket List

The traditions:

1. Build a Gingerbread House

2. Go Christmas Caroling- Don’t forget to wear your “Ugly Christmas Sweaters”!

3.  Bake/Decorate Cookies

4. Do a Good Deed– Do you pick an Angel from the Angel Trees for needy children? Maybe you make a donation to the food bank? Even if you are just putting money in the red pot outside Macy’s- you are helping someone and that is a great lesson in holiday giving for your children.

5. Family Christmas Photo- Get a family photo with Santa OR- wear these really fun pajamas:

Santa Suit Matching Pajamas for the Whole Family

6. Drive around & look at Christmas lights– Count how many of your neighbors bought this year’s hottest decoration- Star Shower Lights

7. Decorate Christmas Tree– Play a game and let the winner add the star or try making your own cranberry/popcorn garland this year!

8. Christmas Movie Night- Where to start?!:


9. Build a Snowman – If there is no snow- think outside the box! Use Play Dough, LEGOs, or make one out of construction paper. Who said a snowman has to be made of snow?!

10. Write a Letter to Santa- Click here to get his address: LINK

Add your own traditions or start new ones! This is a fun way to ensure you spend quality time as a family during the busy holiday season. Here is the printable list: (click text or photo to download the pdf)

Christmas Bucket List livinginhappyplace


Printable Christmas Bucket List

What did I forget? You know there is something you love to do at Christmas. Tell us what it is! Leave a comment.

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