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Living In Happy Place (including HappyPlaceMom) is excited to recommend products that make Mom’s life easier and “happier”! These products and services are affiliate links which means that I receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you) for referring to that product/service. It helps me keep the site running to bring you more happy content. Thank you for supporting!

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Thinking about starting a blog? Ready to make a change, stay home with your kids, or bring in some extra income? Awesome! You can read about How to Make Money Starting a Website or Blog on this site! Now you need an amazing hosting service to get you set up for success. For around $5 a month, you can start building your empire! Do you a special skill people are always asking for your help with? Are you always asked to bring dessert because your cupcakes are legendary? Then you have something to blog about! Get started now by reading more HERE or clicking on the affiliate a link:


Amazon is life.

Amazon is my absolute favorite online shopping site. There are SO many ways to save and you can learn more here: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Saving Money on Amazon.  I utilize Amazon Prime for free two-day shipping and Amazon Instant Video.  My daughter even calls the UPS man “the Amazon guy”. It pays for itself many times over (especially at Christmas time!).  There is Amazon Mom, warehouse deals, diaper delivery… I could go on forever but instead I’ll just let you check it out:



The Netflix of Children’s Books! My kids love this app for reading and videos! There are thousands of books from your favorite classics to popular characters. There is even a section of education videos (which keeps my kids off of Youtube!). Read more about it: Reading Challenge.

The Netflix of Children's Books  


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