Printable Christmas List! SANTA’s- address included!

Sneak preview: Use this printable Christmas list to leave yourself more time for wine! 

printable Christmas list

Save Holiday Stress with this Customizable and Printable Christmas List!

Even send it to SANTA- address included!

It’s that time of year when everyone is asking for Christmas lists for your kiddos. It’s hard enough to figure out what to get your own children and now it’s the week of Thanksgiving and you know everyone will be asking what Johnny wants for Christmas. So you are scrambling through Toys R Us catalogs trying to remember every toy  they begged for from a commercial while you were scrolling through Facebook on your phone trying to enjoy 2 sips of coffee (or wine).

I want to save you one small headache with this printable Christmas list for the kiddos to complete and distribute. It includes write in (or type in) blanks for age, clothing/shoe sizes, favorite color/sport or team and characters. There are also several rows to add specific gift ideas.

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Some ideas on ways to use this printable Christmas list

(and how it can help save Mom and Dad some stress):

  • If there are some special gifts that you want to come from Santa, leave those off the list. Having a list for “Santa” and separate a list for family can leave Mom and Dad a few special things for under the tree on Christmas morning.
  • Print and complete a different list for each gift-buyer. This will help avoid Grandma and Aunt Sue both buying Baby Alive. No one ever gives a gift receipt and who wants to stand in the return line anyway?! Not me.
  • Here is the big benefit: avoid unwanted gifts! If Johnny has every single Thomas train and you are praying he doesn’t get another one for fear you will have to turn your dining room into a train station- then here is your out: Add a funny, short note regarding things they don’t need. Add things they already have enough of or you don’t allow them to play with in your house. For example:

“How lucky am I to get Christmas gifts

but there are a few things that aren’t on my list.

Nerf guns, trains, and video games now cover my floor

so this year I won’t need anymore!”

  • You can also send you letter to Santa!
    • USPS Letters to Santa Program (Honestly, not my favorite option. You have you have to open the letter and write on the back… read more here: LINK ). Here is Santa’s address:
      • North Pole Postmark
        4141 Postmark Drive
        Anchorage, AK 99530-9998
    • Amazon has some options that are much cooler! They range in price depending on what you are looking for but they start at the cost of a stamp. Here is an affiliate link: Letters from Santa
  • You don’t have to hand grandma a list that is scribbled on a Thanksgiving napkin.


Now just get your printable Christmas list by clicking on the text below:

Printable Christmas list

Hopefully this list can save you just a bit of holiday stress! And I don’t want you to have to turn your house into a train station or Barbie mansion– well, maybe a Barbie mansion doesn’t seem so bad. if we could only fit in her cute shoes…

Share this with your mom friend and save her one headache too. Then you both can go have some wine… 😉

Printable, customizable Christmas list!

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