Summer Survival for Moms! 7 Tips to help mom survive summer break

Summer survival for moms who are feeling extra stressed with the kids home on summer break!

summer survival tips for moms


Summer is exhausting. It’s hot. The kids are excited. Then they are bored. You spend half the day trying to entertain them and the other half cleaning up after them.

Instead of spending summer break counting dow the days until school starts again, try these 7 tips to survive the summer with your sanity intact!

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Summer Survival for Moms:

Have a routine– Your family had a routine while school was in session so you can have a modified routine for the summer. Summer break doesn’t have to be a free-for-all. Get up, have breakfast, do reading time, outside time, lunch, pool/water play, nap….. Whatever works best for your family. You don’t have to keep a rigorous schedule but following a routine helps everyone know what is expected of them.

Let them love Mom!– Planning some Mommy and Me time is a great way for the kids to get the attention they need from you in a structured way instead of following you around all day. If possible, set aside an hour (or even half an hour) each day to spend some dedicated time bonding with the kids. You could even make an Activity Idea Jar and pick one thing to do together each day. This can “fill their mom bucket” and allow them to play freely without needing constant attention.

Find a friend and play-swap! Have a mom friend who is also struggling through the summer? You could each take one day a week or so with the kids while the other one gets some “mom time”. Even a playdate while mom stays can be helpful since we always feel better after sharing our “mom problems” with a fried who understands. The kids can get some energy out and moms can vent to each other if needed!

Try a camp– Some kids need interaction with other kids, an outlet for their creativity, and the structure that a classroom can provide. While you definitely want to make playing outside a priority (childhood is so short!) a summer camp program can be both fun and helpful. There are SO many different camps/themes/classes for the summer so this is a great time for your child to explore his/her interest or learn a new skill.

Let them be bored– Being bored is truly a gift. It is amazing what kids can come up with when left to their own defenses. My daughter actually said to me today “can’t I just be bored”? Yes! Please do!  She and her sister asked for some cardboard and made a pretend pizza stand where they sold cardboard pizzas to each other. Please be bored more often kids!

Join a book club– This time not for the kids. Summer is a great time for mom to take up a hobby so she can get out of the house every Tuesday and talk about adult things. The added stress of summer requires some extra stress relief! You will feel refreshed from getting out and even a little less short tempered the next day. If you can’t get out, find any form of stress relief you can manage (fidget spinners aren’t just for kids!).

Let them be little– Childhood memories are priceless. Reminiscing over these times and experiences will bring a warmth to their hearts for the rest of their lives. “Remember that time when we were little”… stories will be told in college, in wedding speeches, to their own children, and truly even to their grandchildren. My grandmother used to tell me stories about her childhood all the time. Now she has Alzheimer’s and I could not be more grateful that I can cherish and carry on those stories she was able to share with me. Don’t forget to share your stories of playing tag until dark or how you were the champion of red rover one summer. While summer can be a little extra stressful for everyone, it can also the time for having a childhood worth telling stories about ❤️

Feeling like you spend more time taking care of your family than enjoying them? Think you need a maid, an accountant, and a personal chef to find balance in motherhood? You don’t. You just need a system. The Happy Mom System. 

Having a few points to help you change your perspective on summer break can be a game-changer in how you manage with all the kids at home. Family time is more important than anything they will ever learn in school. Even if they don’t say it, I bet they feel secure and happy to be home with the person who will always be their first best-friend! (That’s you Mom!)

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