How to make a Happy Spider: Easy Halloween Craft!

How to make a happy spider: Easy Halloween craft!     Super easy and fun spider Halloween craft for toddlers! It’s almost Halloween! We are working on making Halloween fun (and not so scary) for our 1 & 2 year old by trying some easy crafts, books/movies, and snacks. They are still getting used to […]

Mother’s Day Craft bracelet for toddlers and preschoolers to make for Mom!

This Mother’s Day craft idea will warm Mom’s heart because it’s made by her favorite little artist(s)!   Remember your first Mother’s Day? Wasn’t it so exciting to finally be part of a holiday that celebrates the most special bond in a person’s life? Mother and child ❤️ On that first Mother’s Day were you […]

Snowman activity tray for kids!

Preview: Let the kids build a snowman (minus the risk of frostbite!) with this easy snowman activity tray! Do you want to build a snowman? Sorry, I couldn’t resist! ? I came up with this activity one evening when Elf on the Shelf got into the doll clothes and dressed up as Anna (from Frozen). He […]

Halloween Moon Dough and Sensory Play

Sneak Preview: Switch up that boring old moon dough recipe to a Halloween Moon Dough that smells AMAZING and is spooky sensory fun! Witches, bats, and monsters oh my! Im pretty sure moon dough is addictive. It is so soft! Everyone who has played with it says it’s hard to stop touching! I have also […]

Finding Dory Craft for Kids

Looking for a Finding Dory craft to your new favorite movie? Have you seen the newest Disney blockbuster? The lovable, forgetful Dory has made a big impressions on so many hearts. And now all of our kids are asking for a fish… Dory is a blue tang which is a salt water fish. They are expensive […]

How to organize headbands with this Super Easy DIY Headband Holder! Hair-ties and headbands: organized!

  Preview: Headband holder DIY! Keep headbands and hair ties organized with this simple solution!   Ten minutes + $1 = headbands organized! Make this simple Headband Holder. Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of. Right? When you found out you were having a baby girl, did you picture a perfect […]

DIY Popsicle Holder Craft. Fun and functional activity for kids and Moms!

DIY Popsicle Holder Craft! Freezing little fingers? Try this easy to make DIY Popsicle holder to save little hands from freezing while they enjoy their chilly treat! Freeze Pop, Ice Pop, Popsicle– everyone calls them something different (brand names vary) but you know which ones I mean, right? The long, frozen stick ones that come in a […]

Trending now- KNITTING!

Trending now- Knitting! I blame it on the scarf fashion trend- but everyone is kitting now! I am too obsessed with crafts not to try this one and now finger and arm knitting make it so easy. Being a beginner and not knowing anyone who is familiar with the process, I turned to the second […]

Toddler activity- Paper roll necklaces

Paper roll necklaces Here is a quick and easy craft for toddlers. I’m sure preschooler’s would also enjoy this activity but I like to label it as toddler because it is so hard to find safe, easy things for toddlers to do. I spend a lot of time trying to find anything to distract my […]

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