Halloween Dessert- Ghost and Witch Pudding Cups

Sneak preview: This no-bake pudding cup Halloween dessert idea uses just a few ingredients and only 5 minutes prep! Need a last minute dessert? Looking for a no-bake easy option? This is the perfect Halloween dessert recipe for you! Just a few ingredients and 10 minutes to a cute Halloween dessert! This is another great […]

Milk Duds Cinnamon Pretzel Snaps

Sneak preview: Milk Duds, cinnamon, pretzels, and 10 minutes to make this addicting snack!   Looking for a way to use up all of those Milk Duds from trick-or-treating? Or maybe you just love a sweet and salty treat. Gooey caramel and chocolate topped with cinnamon over a crunch pretzel. These are the perfect fall snack for […]

Orange Dreamsicle Buttercream Icing

Orange Dreamsicle.  Doesn’t that phrase just transport you right back to your childhood? In your mind, 8-year-old you is now standing on the sidewalk in front of the house you grew up in. It’s mid-summer sweltering hot but you don’t notice because you have a cool orange Popsicle filled with creamy ice cream goodness dripping […]

Irresistible Chocolate Chip Cookie Balls Dessert Recipe!

Preview: Fun (& easy!) spin on a chocolate chip cookie that will have your guests asking for more! Irresistible Chocolate Chip Cookie Balls! Quick and easy! Only three ingredients! We have a cookie addition in my family. I admit it. I’m a cookie-aholic. I love to try new recipes for cookies and even experiment with my […]

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