Healthy Halloween Snack for Kids- Yogurt Ghosts

Preview: Healthy Halloween snack for kids: all the fun without all the sugar! There isn’t a day that you could come in to my house and not find my kids in costume. If you bring your kids to my house, they will probably end up in costumes too. Everyone does. Even me, I have to […]

Halloween Play Dough Tray Activity

Preview: Halloween play dough tray for sensory play and fun! I have developed a love of Halloween inspired solely by the excitement of my children. I am both surprised and inspired how they embrace this holiday every year (really, all year). They LOVE dressing up in every. single. costume. They ask to go to Mickey’s […]

Halloween Moon Dough and Sensory Play

Sneak Preview: Switch up that boring old moon dough recipe to a Halloween Moon Dough that smells AMAZING and is spooky sensory fun! Witches, bats, and monsters oh my! Im pretty sure moon dough is addictive. It is so soft! Everyone who has played with it says it’s hard to stop touching (even adults). I […]

How to make a Happy Spider: Easy Halloween Craft!

Preview: Easy Halloween craft for toddlers and preschoolers that also teaches shapes and colors!   Preview: Super easy and fun spider Halloween craft for toddlers!  Isn’t it so fun to share holidays with your children? I could not wait until my first baby was old enough to start painting pumpkins or try a Halloween craft […]

Spooky Halloween Drink for kids!

Sneak preview: Just four ingredients make this spooky Halloween drink recipe for kids!  Your kids will love this fun and easy Halloween drink that is tart and sweet! It’s the perfect drink to add to your spooky Halloween menu of ghost pancakes, witch burgers, and rice crispy dessert! If you are looking for a fun, nonalcoholic drink idea for […]

Halloween Dessert- Ghost and Witch Pudding Cups

Sneak preview: This no-bake pudding cup Halloween dessert idea uses just a few ingredients and only 5 minutes prep! Need a last minute dessert? Looking for a no-bake easy option? This is the perfect Halloween dessert recipe for you! Just a few ingredients and 10 minutes to a cute Halloween dessert! This is another great […]

Halloween snack

Sneak preview: Get in the spirit with this fun and easy Halloween snack for kids (and adults!) with a healthy alternative! Last year my toddlers were afraid of almost everything about the Halloween holiday. This year, it is running a close second with Christmas. It is amazing how much can change in a year. This […]

Not So Scary Halloween for Toddlers: The 13 Best Books and Movies to Prepare Little Kids for a Happy Halloween!

The 13 Best Books and Movies to Prepare Little Kids for a Happy Halloween!     Halloween. Darkness, screaming, and monsters- oh my! As a parent, you can’t wait to dress your little one up in a super cute costume and parade them around town for trick-or-treating. As soon as the Halloween decorations start to come out, you […]

Easy Halloween Treat- Spooky Crispy Snacks! Great for school parties! Quick and delicious!

Easy Halloween Treat- Spooky Krispy Snacks!     Did you just remember that you are in charge of treats for your kid’s school party? Are you too busy to bake but need a Halloween treat for a party or just to celebrate with family? I’ve got you covered! Rice Krispies cereal, marshmallows, butter, candy sprinkles, […]

Halloween breakfast fun! Easy ghost pancake Halloween breakfast

Easy ghost pancake Halloween breakfast Happy Halloween! It’s a bit hard to get little kids excited for Halloween. They still aren’t sure about celebrating a holiday full of ghosts and goblins. I’ve been trying to find ways to show my little ones that Halloween can be fun. We’ve been reading Halloween books and watching fun, toddler-safe […]

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