6 Sweetest Things to Miss about Pregnancy

This time in your life passes so quickly. Here are 6 sweet things to miss about pregnancy. Isn’t it amazing how quickly you forget all of the little (and big) things about pregnancy? As soon as you see that perfect baby face, the past nine months seem to disappear. No matter how good or bad your […]

Thank you to Moms…

                          Motherhood is an instant unspoken connection. It bonds women in a way that cannot be fully explained by words. It takes a village of Moms who have been there to help each other. You know when you are totally stuck you can […]

A sad goodbye to my maternity clothes

Sneak preview: Packing up maternity clothes marks a close to an entire part of your life. It is much harder than you might think! Today I packed up my maternity clothes and I wasn’t expecting it to be this hard to let go. The experience is nothing like cleaning out your closet to throw out […]

Preparing MOM for Kindergarten

Preparing MOM for kindergarten Are you putting your precious baby on the bus for the first time this year? Are you more scared than he is? Sometimes it is MOM who needs to prepare for that huge trip to the first day of kindergarten! You are not alone. One of the most amazing little boy […]

Busy Mom Trail Mix Recipe

Busy Mom Trail Mix Recipe I could eat a bag of potato chips; sometimes a bag of chocolate. I don’t do it- but I could. (Okay maybe sometime I actually do it). As a busy mom, I grab whatever is easy, available, and fast. If it requires much prep- well, I’ll just get side tracked. […]

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