5 Things you probably don’t think to bring to the drive-in

Taking the kids to the drive-in? Here are 5 things you probably don’t think to bring to the drive-in (but wish you had)!  Taking your kids to the drive-in is a parenting right-of-passage. Every kid has “drive-in movie” on their summer activity bucket list- and for good reason! Watching a movie on a huge screen from the […]

Where to find kid-sized answers to all of their questions!

Kids ask so many questions! You don’t want to discourage their curiosity but where can you find kid-sized answers to all of their questions?  This post contains affiliate links. Nothing makes you feel as clueless as you feel when a four-year-old starts asking questions. “Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? Why do dogs bark? […]

When stress makes you a bad parent and what to do about it

Preview: Do you ever feel like stress makes you a bad parent? We don’t mean to yell at our children but some days the stress of being a parent AND a person overflows and we react to our children in a negative way. Try a few strategies to prevent losing your temper and learn how to recover […]

Thank you to Moms…

                          Motherhood is an instant unspoken connection. It bonds women in a way that cannot be fully explained by words. It takes a village of Moms who have been there to help each other. You know when you are totally stuck you can […]

A sad goodbye to my maternity clothes

Sneak preview: Packing up maternity clothes marks a close to an entire part of your life. It is much harder than you might think! Today I packed up my maternity clothes and I wasn’t expecting it to be this hard to let go. The experience is nothing like cleaning out your closet to throw out […]

How to shop and run errands WITHOUT dragging your kids to the store  

Preview: 5 tips to run errands and get things done without having to drag kids to the store.  When I was searching for an image to include in this article, I searched stock images for “shopping with kids” and I have to share with you what I found:   Exactly who looks like this when they are shopping with […]

Win the morning wardrobe battle with your kids

Sneak preview: Use these 5 tips to win the morning wardrobe battle with your kids and get out the door on time.  You think you hate mornings until you have kids. Then you realize that waking up groggy and leisurely getting dressed for work or class while sipping your morning coffee is actually bliss. Now, every […]

3 tricks to stay awake during night feedings

Night feedings can be really hard for moms. Try these tricks to keep yourself awake during night feedings or night nursing sessions. We all love newborns. They are cuddley and cute and innocent but let’s be honest- from that first rough night in the hospital, we wait for the day they sleep through the night. […]

What Vacation Taught Me about Appreciation 

Ah, vacation. We dream about it all year. We plan, we save, we wait in anticipation. And then it is over before we even realize it started! 🙁 Back to the grind. During a short “beach vacation” recently, I had an epiphany of sorts about vacation and appreciating things in your life. Here it goes: (This post contains […]

Tiny Fingerprints- A Poem for Mom on Mother’s Day

A Poem for Mom: Tiny Fingerprints. Tiny Fingerprints: They grow up so fast! A poem for the busy Mom who is knee deep in fingerprints… Do you feel like you clean in circles? Do you wonder how your house can get to be such a mess when you just finished cleaning? Can you only vaguely remember […]

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