Fidget Toy Alternatives to Spinners

Like to fidget but not fond of “spinning”? Try these Fidget toy alternatives!  Spinners may be all-the-rage right now, (and there are some really cool ones!) but they are also causing quite a stir. While there are some suggested benefits to anxiety/ADD/ADHD etc., these toys can be loud and distracting to others. Students love them but most […]

Keeping Water Toys Clean

Water toys are hiding scary surprises inside! Find out how to keep them clean. *Warning- graphic images!* Rubber ducky you’re…. disgusting. I kept wondering what the “dark spots” were on the water-squirt toys. I wash them with cleaning solution at the beginning of the season and then with dish soap after every use. It couldn’t be […]

Melissa and Doug Toys are Amazon’s Deal of the Day!

These are the deals that Cyber Week (formerly Cyber Monday) are made of! These prices are worth stocking up on! Amazon’s Deal of the Day is Melissa and Doug toys UP TO 50% OFF! If you are a Mom (or a grandma or aunt) you know that Melissa and Doug toys aren’t cheap. They are made of […]

Out-the-Door Box of busy toys

Keep busy toys handy so you can grab them on your way to the car with the  “out-the-door” box! This post contains affiliate links Kids do not like restaurants. Most kids anyway. I’m not sure what it is about a restaurant that makes a child feel like a caged animal longing to run free. Maybe […]

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