The Coolest Fidget Spinners



Fidget spinners- Everyone has them. You know your kids want the coolest ones!

When those Silly Bands were popular, I had over 200. And I won’t tell you how old I was but I was… definitely out of high school. I still have them. I’m banking on the fact that they might be cool again someday and my daughters can play with them. (By then they will be “vintage” 😕)

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7 Coolest Fidget Spinners your kids want!

Since we are about mid “fidget spinner craze” at this point- EVERY KID has this same boring spinner:

Fidget spinner stress relieving toy

…and now they want a cooler one. One with bells and whistles. One that no one else has.

So I have rounded up a bunch of super cool options for you to check out! The good news is that (at the time of posting) all of these models were listed under $10- especially if you have Prime 2-day free shipping. If you don’t have Prime, now is a good time to take advantage of the free trial:

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

If you like the idea of stress relief and the calm of fighting but DO NOT like the idea of spinners, try these Fidget Toy Alternatives to Spinners.

The Coolest Fidget Spinners


LED Light UP Spinner.

My daughter was sitting next to me as I was writing this article- and this was “the winner”. So we had to order it lol!

Rainbow 🌈

Pretty cool but I think it looks like a My Little Pony threw up on a Samurai star. To each his own…


Perfect for slumber parties, skate parks, summer night camp-outs…

I call this one “the professional“.

I feel like you could use this one at the office!

The Wheel



Na na na na na na na na BATMAN




And don’t forget your spinner case!-

Now you have (or maybe YOU are) the coolest kid on the block 😉


Which fidget toy are you getting to surprise your favorite kid?

Fly your Happy Mom flag and join us!


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