Tiny Fingerprints- A Poem for Mom

A Poem for Mom: Tiny Fingerprints.

Tiny Fingerprints: They grow up so fast! A poem for the busy Mom who is knee deep in fingerprints…


Do you feel like you clean in circles? Do you wonder how your house can get to be such a mess when you just finished cleaning? Can you only vaguely remember what your house looked like before you had children? Oh good, then its not just me! 😉 One day I started to wonder if I should just leave the fingerprints. They reappear faster than I can clean them anyways; I’ll call it “frosted mirror”. But, alas, one day that mirror will stay clean for the worst reason. My kids won’t be putting them there anymore. They will be grown and out of the house and building their own lives- without me there everyday to clean up after them. =(

Here is a little Mother’s Day treat to allow you to treasure those fingerprints. You don’t have to continuously wipe them off. You may not even want to…

Tiny Fingerprints- A Poem for Mom

Tiny fingerprints- They grow up so fast!


It is so hard to remember but so important to keep in mind. The fingerprints aren’t permanent. They will wash away with the mess and the crazy days- but you will always have sweet memories of this hectic and precious time <3

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