Welcome! Where is Happy Place?



Our “happy place” may be hiding right under our noses. Sometimes we need to push away the clutter and find the beauty hiding in the mess.


Busy Mom needs Happy place

Your kids want to eat junk food all day. You can’t get them to eat vegetables if your life depended on it.

You don’t know what to do with them during your “play” time. You feel like you should be helping them with a developmental activity, right? Or should you be supporting their emotional development? Maybe you should work on their social skills while just “playing” with them…?

Or should you be cleaning the house so they have clean clothes to wear? Did you leave those towels in the washer? Wait, what were we talking about? You are so stressed and bogged down with Mom guilt that you grab whatever processed food is in arm’s reach and stare into space on the couch while the kids color on your walls.

I can help. I know how you feel because I have been there. Let’s find ways to get healthy food into their diet without becoming vegans. Let’s plan some kid’s activities that focus on their development and let you have fun with them. Let’s start some time management and organization so Mom can breathe and take care of herself without feeling guilty.

You do not have to live in fast forward. You can get to a place where you can enjoy your kids and your life! You can find your HappyPlace.

Start by enrolling in Happy Mom Boot System! It is a free email course to help you organize, automate, and simplify so you can stress less and enjoy your family!

The Happy Mom System

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