Where to find kid-sized answers to all of their questions!

Kids ask so many questions! You don’t want to discourage their curiosity but where can you find kid-sized answers to all of their questions? 

kid-sized answers to your child's questions

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Nothing makes you feel as clueless as you feel when a four-year-old starts asking questions.

“Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? Why do dogs bark? Why do we stop at red lights? Where do babies come from”…

We’ll leave that one for another article.

Kids are inquisitive because they are learning about the world around them. You want to encourage their curiosity and give them good answers to their questions. By attempting to find answers, you are building your child’s trust. Where do you find good answers that kids can understand?

Google maybe be our first inclination but it is not always the best place to find kid-sized answers so here are a few resources to help you and your child find out how far away the stars are, why dogs can’t talk, or whatever pressing question they have today!

Reliable tools to find kid-sized answers:

1- Google kids– Yes, there is a “Google” option just for kids. Actually there are several sites powered by Google that have safe guards in place to prevent “potentially harmful material” from being displayed. They also tend to return results from sites that are geared towards children (Discovery Kids, National Geographic Kids, etc.). These search sites are affiliated with Google but not endorsed by them. Here are a few links:

  • Safe Search Kids I love that this site includes tabs for safe wiki, safe images and safe videos
  • Kiddle- This site features larger fonts and images. It looks a lot like Google in its setup.
  • Junior– This search site seems to simply use Google’s SafeSearch (more one that in a minute)
  • KidRex– KidRex says it uses Google’s SafeSearch and it’s own databases to return kid-friendly information

You can also enable SafeSearch on the standard Google site. Here is a link to the instructions from Google: Google SafeSearch

2. Epic! This is my “go-to” information source. Epic! calls themselves “the Netflix of Children’s Books” and features over 30,000 titles. For a nominal monthly fee, your child has unlimited, ad-free access to books about their favorite characters, fiction titles, educational videos, and even read-to-me options. There are no in-app purchases to worry about either.

The thing I like the most about Epic! is that I can search for nearly any topic and find a children’s book related to that subject. I also love that it displays the age range and reading time for each book as well as the categories. For example, my oldest has just started reading so she likes the “Read-to-Me” books so she can follow along. You select a category, then a book, and start reading. (There are even books that offer a quiz at the end to reinforce reading comprehension skills!).

I could truly go on-and-on about this app because I (and my kids) really do love it. This is a great tool to find answers to “why is the sky blue” or even allow your child to find out for his/her self!

I want to leave you a link that gives you a 30-day free trial of Epic! so you can try it. You can cancel anytime but I bet you will find the app as intriguing as I do. I really think it encourages a love of reading and gives a ton of resources for answering their questions. (LINK: Read FREE for 30 days!)

The Netflix of Children's Books

3. Youtube kids– This is a great option for instructions. For example, if your child is interested in learning to play the piano or wants to know how a train engine works, videos are a great tool. Youtube Kids is also content-controlled so you can feel safe allowing your kids to search around. They can even use the voice search feature if they want to play by themselves but can’t spell yet 😉

Youtube was such a big issue for me as a parent that I did a ton of research on making it safe. You can learn more (and find a tutorial) by checking it out here: What every parent needs to know about keeping YouTube safe for kids.

YouTube kids is a safer, more kid-friendly tool than YouTube itself when it comes to answering kid questions. Check out the safety features in the article above and I think you will feel more comfortable allowing your child to conduct his/her own searches on the kid-friendly version.

kid-sized answers

4. ABCmouse.com– ABCmouse.com is an all around great educational tool. We have been using the program for over 2-years and continue to renew every year because we love it. I found this trick to get the kids engaged and the rest was history.

I also use ABCmouse.com as a tool to answer  hard questions or explain things in kids terms. This is actually where the “how do plants grow” question finally got answered in my house. While planting our spring zucchini, my daughter kept asking about the plants and the only thing I could think was “photosynthesis”. Not a great answer to a 3-year-old so I started thinking of ways to find a kid-sized answer.

ABCmouse.com has a search feature that allows you to type in a term and find related content (games, coloring sheets, puzzles, songs, etc.). We were able to find an entire unit on how plants grow. Needless to say, ABCmouse.com was able to explain “photosynthesis” in a way that didn’t sound like an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Saved by the mouse!




Resources for finding kid-sized answers

Now the next time your child asks why “why do bees buzz,” you can say “let’s find out together”! It sounds better than “ask your father” 😉 and it offers a bonding moment for you and your curious kiddo. It’s nice to be able to give them quality, kid-sized answers to their “little” questions now so they will trust you with the “big” questions later…



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