Do you Yummly? Make meal planning easy and delicious with the Yummly recipe site!

Do you Yummly? Make meal planning easy and delicious with the Yummly recipe site!

You need a little Yum in your life!

Have you heard of Yummly? I’m so excited about this new recipe site! I am always looking for ways to make Moms’ lives easier and this is a great tool to add to our “busy Mom tool belts”! Make your meal planning easy with Yummly!

Yum   <—– That’s a Yum button!

It is totally free, super easy to use, and is the most customizable recipe site I have seen. There are so many convenient features that I can’t even include them all here! I’ll give you the highlights:

You get to enter your preferences- like ALL of them- anything you like, dislike, allergies, cuisine preference… It is that personalized!

Some of the customizable options:

  • Diets- (soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.)
  • Cooking skill (yes, awesome! I love easy AND I can eliminate recipes that include baking powder- since I refuse to put in that much effort! Read more here: Easy Parm Noodles)
  • Favorite cuisines (kid friendly!, American, Italian, Cajun, Barbeque, Japanese, etc.)

If you are having trouble finding recipes for a dietary restriction– this site is awesome for special diets and tastes. Need gluten free? Just check that preference and Yummly will recommend only recipes that are gluten free. Kids allergic to peanuts? Enter the allergy and Yummly will exclude any recipes with peanuts. Don’t like green peppers? Just note that in your Yummly options and you don’t have to worry about leaving them out of a recipe- because Yummly won’t show you recipes with green peppers as an ingredient. (The creator didn’t like mustard- and the rest is history!)

Ingredients, instructions, and even nutritional information is listed right on the recipe. This makes meal planning easy! Everything you need is clearly listed. You could easy plan a week’s worth of meals in one visit to Yummly!

Parmesan Zucchini

No more standing in the grocery store trying to access that recipe you saved somewhere to make sure you buy all of the ingredients. Yummly keeps a grocery list for you and adds ingredients with one touch (on the mobile app)!

Check out the recipe page for Living in Happy Place:

Living in happy place profile on Yummly

You can find all of the recipes from my site “Yummed” there. Just click on the Yum circle to add them to your Recipe Box!

You will see a “Yum” button on all recipes! When you see something you like, simply click “yum” from the sharing buttons and that recipe will automatically load to your “My Yums”. It is that simple. As long as you are already signed in from the device you are using, the recipe goes straight to your Yummly Recipe Box for easy reference.


Chocolate chip cookie balls

See the orange Yum box? One click on that box and the recipe is added to your Yummly Recipe Box!

On a site with no Yum button? Easy fix. Just add the Yum button to your browser bar (with literally one drag and drop. No technical skill required!) Just go to this page :  Then click and drag the orange Yum box to your browser bar. Done. Now anytime you’re on a site and you find a recipe you want to Yum (add to your Yummly My Recipes) you simply click on that “Yum” icon on your toolbar. That. Is. It. It automatically goes into your Recipe Box with no further action from you! (We love easy!)

Yummly is not a social media site so there is no one to “follow” or “like”. You just look around, search, find recipes you like, and “yum” them to your account. You can share recipes you find (and love) easily to your existing social media accounts with a few clicks on the site.

You can also get the Yummly app on any Apple or Android device! LINK

I would love you show you more delicious ideas, but you will have to jump over to Yummly and create an account to get started and see more! You will be glad you did!

For more information:

How it works:

More info:

Do you Yum? What are your favorite recipe sites? Leave a comment and share! I’d love to hear what you think of Yummly!


Disclaimer: At the time of this posting, I have no direct affiliate relationship with Yummly. Recipes from this site are listed on Yummly but I do not receive direct financial compensation from Yummly for this article or referring new acconts. I am simply sharing a great site and hoping to make meal planning easier for busy Moms!

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