3 Simple Ways to Remind Yourself You Are a Good Mom

It is too easy to forget that you are a good mom. You are. And here are 3 simple ways to remind yourself. 

The daily chaos of raising children can set off a bout of Mom guilt that is hard to shake. Jake ate four Oreos for breakfast and thinks he is the newest star of WWE while Sofia refuses to brush her hair and you still have a pile of laundry that isn’t going to wash itself. And it’s all your fault.

One hundred times a day, I think to myself “I’m a bad Mom”. I’m letting them watch too much tv, they are eating too many snacks, I should be doing a learning activity with them. “I’m a bad Mom”.

I’m not a bad Mom. I love my kids and I take good care of them; that’s about it on the requirements for a good parent. Everything else is just details. I am a good Mom. Sometimes I just forget.

Do you forget too? Do you sometimes forget that you ARE AN AWESOME MOM? The stress of being a mom and a person makes it too easy to forget all the good parts. You deserve to remember. Let’s do it together because motherhood is a sisterhood and we need to help pick each other up.

Three ways to remind yourself- right now- that YOU ARE A GOOD MOM!


Good Mom

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3 Simple Ways to Remind Yourself You are a Good Mom

1. Look through photos– Looking at pictures reminds me of all the fun things we do together and how much time I actually DO spend with my kids. I bet you have thousands of photos in your cell phone that show you playing with your kids, taking them fun places, or just being silly. I forgot about that time we made Moon Dough, or when I put bubbles in the water table (that was so fun!), or that time I made up a squirt gun game so the little kids could play too. Hmm, I guess I do have fun with them. I guess I am a good Mom. (repeat to yourself: I am a good Mom!)

2. Take a mental/visual inventory of their toys– Not to look at what you bought for them. Rather, looking around reminds you of what you have played with them. Think of all the times you have gotten down on the floor and built LEGOs or Thomas train tracks. I bet at some point you have dressed, undressed, and redressed Barbie more times than you have changed your own clothes in a week. Remember that time you let your daughter win Candy Land and she danced around the room? You are a good Mom. (repeat to yourself: I am a good Mom!)

3. Read their baby books– Wasn’t he so small and cozy when you brought him home from the hospital? Can you believe you brought home a 8lb 2 oz baby and managed to care for him and keep him alive for seven years? Look at how much he has grown because you fed him, changed his diapers, and cared for him with the last bit of energy you could muster. And those big gaps in the Baby Book where you didn’t record a weight or a first tooth? Those are the parts of the book you should be most proud of: those are the times when you were too busy taking care of or playing with your baby and didn’t have time to write in the book. You are a good Mom. (repeat to yourself: I am a good Mom! I always have been and I always will be).

You struggled through that first night. You went without sleep for three straight months. You mastered breastfeeding- or you didn’t. You bathed him and fed him and clothed him. You missed showers and meals. You traded in your wine glass for a sippy cup. You worried about every sniffle and cough. You sacrificed, you laughed, you cried, you loved more than you could ever imagine was possible. Can you see it there in the baby pictures? In the toys you’ve played with? In the baby book you sometimes kept up? I see it. Your kids see it. They feel it in their hearts.

SO the next time Mom guilt or self doubt starts to creep into your head, remind yourself of all the amazing times you’ve had and all the care you have taken of your healthy, beautiful children.  We all have a bad moment, a bad day- but those do NOT define us as mothers or as human beings. You are a good Mom. Now go hug your kids…


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