6 Sweetest Things to Miss about Pregnancy

This time in your life passes so quickly. Here are 6 sweet things to miss about pregnancy.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly you forget all of the little (and big) things about pregnancy? As soon as you see that perfect baby face, the past nine months seem to disappear. No matter how good or bad your pregnancy was- it is over in an instant (ok, maybe a day… or 6 weeks post cesarean- but you get the point 😉). Now you are taking care of a precious baby and focusing on being a good mom. It might be your 1st or the 4th baby but it is time consuming and emotionally overwhelming. Pregnancy becomes a memory.

6 sweetest things to miss about pregnancy I wrote this in the ninth month of my last (and final) pregnancy. I am so glad I did. I would never remember these things- at least not in the way I felt about them while I was still pregnant. How many of these do you miss?

6 of the Sweetest Things to Miss about Pregnancy

1. First Positive– Coming from someone who has stared heartbroken at innumerable negatives, seeing a pregnancy test turn positive is one of the most precious moments in a mom’s life. It is the moment you become Mom. It is the moment your life starts to change FOREVER. It is an instant flood of conflicting emotions: excitement, joy, fear, anxiety, protection, and pure love- which all rush over you as soon as you see that line/plus sign/”you’re pregnant” indication. It is one of the few moments in your life of pure bliss and it is one I will miss.

2. Waiting for the first kick– The first time you are pregnant, you had no idea what to expect, right? What that it? What’s a flutter? Then one day it happens and you just know. Your Mom instincts are starting to kick in. Your baby is responding to you. It’s a weird miracle. You don’t realize how quickly those little taps turn into karate kicks that keep you up all night. You’re just excited to be a Mom 

3. The bump– Staring in the mirror every day wondering if that is the baby showing or if it’s just the after effects of that carton of ice cream you ate last night to relieve relentless heartburn. Visual evidence that you are finally going to be a Mom is a special moment. It will be a while before that cute little bump becomes a boulder you have to carry everywhere and prevents you from bending, moving, sleeping or otherwise being able to function. Enjoying those first baby bump moments is something to miss.

Goodbye maternity clothes

4. Gender reveal- This is the first good test of mother’s intuition. Did you just know? Where you surprised? Did you have a secret gender wish? It’s fun to try the old-wives-tale tests and take bets on baby’s gender. Waiting impatiently on the ultrasound table for the technician to reveal the baby’s gender is a sweet moment of pregnancy that never stops being exciting and one I will truly miss. 

5. Prepping nursery– Didn’t you love picking colors and themes? Cutting tags off of brand-new tiny clothes, washing and folding and finding a place for them. Setting up the changing table and adjusting the crib- making sure every safety measure is in place. Creating a special haven for the newest addition to your family is so heartwarming. They are only new once so you want everything to be perfect!

6. Last minute mysteries– What will baby look like? How much will baby weigh? How long will labor last? Will I make it to the hospital time? How much hair will baby have? All of these questions run through your mind throughout your pregnancy. There’s still an element of excitement and surprise. The thrill of anticipation is so sweet when waiting for baby…

And then there is baby!

Six sweet times that come to an abrupt end when you see the product of your labor. That beautiful face makes 9 months disappear. Pregnancy is certainly no picnic, but now that it’s over it is nice to remember the good parts! Reminiscing about these precious times makes me actually miss pregnancy. Such a short time in the spectrum of our lives but maybe the most impactful time and the one that makes our hearts the most full ❤️

6 sweetest things to miss about pregnancy

These are some of the reasons I had so much trouble getting rid of my maternity clothes

6 sweetest things to miss about pregnancy

What do you most miss about pregnancy?

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