7 Reasons to Put BUBBLES in your Water Table

Kids get bored very easily. The water table was awesome for about a week and then it became a lawn ornament (sound familiar?). One of the ways I try to keep the novelty of toys from wearing off so quickly is to repurpose them. Finding new ways to use the toys they already have is also much cheaper than constantly buying new ones. So one afternoon while I am juggling being a stay-at-home and work-from-home Mom, I tried this activity. It kept them busy for over an hour (which is quite a task with 2 toddlers)! I really enjoyed watching them play and it inspired this list:

7 Reasons why you NEED to put bubbles in your water table:

1.It’s hard to get a spa appointment- Apparently Strawberry Shortcake’s friend, Blueberry, needed a spa day. She got a shampoo and rinse along with her “relaxing” bubble bath. I believe Barbie is still on the waiting list for an appointment.

Spa with bubbles in water table


2. Toy trucks can’t get to the car wash- Who wants to wait in line at the expensive car wash? Toy cars can get the VIP treatment right in the backyard with some bubble bath and an old dish rag.


BT truck


3. Learning to wash the dishes is a valuable life skill– The earlier kids develop a love of dish washing; the better it will be for everyone. (It is also a good fine motor activity- see #7).


BT dishes


4. Mom has some gardening to do- and her tomato plants can’t handle another game of “Big Foot”.

5. Bath time can be such a fight– Suds them up, rinse them off. Bath time: Done. (I’m half joking here people).

And more seriously…

6.  Bubbles and water play are great sensory activities– Sensory play helps children make a connection between words and meanings. Telling a child/toddler/baby “bubble” doesn’t mean much to them. Telling them “bubble” and then letting them experience the feel of bubbles, the texture, the temperature, etc. helps them understand what a bubble actually “is”. Children learn through their senses (a huge part of the reason babies put everything in their mouths). If you follow Montessori, this is an excellent activity to allow children to learn through sensory play.

7.  They are developing fine motor skills– In short, fine motor skills involve the use of the smaller muscles of the body. Skills such as pinching and grasping improve these muscles in children. Developing these muscles now helps later with writing, computer use (they are the future of the information age), their ability to dress themselves, and hopefully their skilled use of medical instruments (because they are all going to be doctors, right?!). In all seriousness, activities such as washing dishes and grasping toys build important fine motor skills.

Bonus reason!- Childhood is short. You hear it all the time, but it is not until you see your own child do it that you get the full meaning of the phrase “they grow up so fast”. Letting them play and enjoy being carefree is just as important for them as it is for their adoring, tired parents. So my last point is for you: enjoy watching your kids play in the bubbles of childhood!

 What is your favorite activity/game to watch your child play?

Here is the water table from the photos: 

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Now hurry and put those bubble in your water table because those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves! 😉

Bubble Water Tale kids activity


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