A mom’s guide: Kalahari Resort Review

 A mom’s guide: Kalahari Resort Review- Sandusky, OH

Thinking of visiting Kalahari Resort this season? Here is my “Mom’s guide” to Kalahari in Sandusky, Ohio. As a mom traveling with small children, I don’t like surprises. The better prepared I am, the better our trip will be. I am sharing my recent experience and some tips to hopefully make your trip smooth and fun!

Walking– Bring your walking shoes! Unless you are lucky enough to get a room close to the lobby, you’re going to be doing a LOT of walking. It is quite a hike from most rooms to the lobby (where the restaurants, and shops are) and to the indoor waterpark.  Bring a stroller if it is reasonable for you to do so. It’s a LONG walk for little legs and also for parents carrying an exhausted or sleeping child back to the room.

Crib sheet– If you are traveling with an infant or need a roll-away crib, bring a crib sheet/pack-n-play cover. I asked for a roll-away crib and they sent a pack-n-play. It was in good condition, however, the base was loosely wrapped in a regular bed sheet. This is not safe for baby sleep. A well-fitting sheet stays taught and is much safer.

Life vests– Any child under 48″ is required to wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation device. The website says they have some available on a first come first serve basis. I had no trouble finding a flotation device for my kids. There seemed to be a good number and many people were utilizing the system. The life guards were able to help me select the correct size and adjust the straps to my child. Very helpful.

Towels– Another way to save the room in your suitcase! Towels are readily available at the water attractions. There were even attendants handing them out as we exited some attractions. There are bins to place used towels and racks to get dry ones. One less thing to worry about packing!

Game room– There is a large arcade with lots to do. There is even a small area for toddlers to ride and “win” a few tickets- (toddlers are often overlooked in arcade planning. It was nice to see an area where they could “play” too.) If you have smaller kids, you may want to avoid the arcade area at night. It is very crowded and full of older kids/teenagers. My toddlers wanted to run and it was just too hard to keep up with them-especially pushing a stroller. Morning and early afternoon seemed to be a better time to let the younger kids play in the arcade. A side tip- if you ask, the attendants can load your tickets onto your card so you can save up and use them next trip. I did not see this marked anywhere but the attendant was able to help us.

Cabanas and bungalow rentals– Renting a cabana or bungalow can be a life saver and also help extend your use of the park. For example,check in time is 4pm but you are able to use the water park as early as noon (I was told) on day of arrival. You can also use the waterpark on the day you check out (either until 3pm or park close depending on the time of year- ask in advance for confirmation). We rented a cabana on the day we checked in and were able to use the water park the full day (and our room was not ready until 4). It gave us somewhere dry to put our stuff, allowed the kids somewhere to nap, and kept us comfortable for the duration of the time we were in the park. The cabana had a TV, refrigerator, table, chaise lounges, benches, a safe, and locked drawer. This is a great way to keep your money/phone/credit cards safe and dry while you are enjoying the water activities. There is a host who can bring food and drinks right to you (outside food and drinks are not permitted in the waterpark). The amenities vary and you should consider reserving in advance to make sure you get the unit that best suits your needs. The price also varies but if you are traveling with a group, you can always split the cost (the one we rented sat 20 people). I will definitely rent a cabana again.

Some photos I took:

outdoor water indoor kids

Additional notes:

The breakfast buffet is AMAZING. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G (Great Karoo near the lobby). It may have been the best part of our stay! Bring your appetite.

While it is a family resort, there were many non-family groups during our stay. Alcohol is available right in the waterpark as well as the restaurants. We didn’t have a problem but just be aware there may be some partying going on. If you have teenagers who would be allowed to roam freely in the evenings, just be cautious. This is a “Mom’s guide” so I think it is worth noting.

Overall, I would certainly go back to this resort. My party ranged in age from a young toddler to a grandparent and everyone enjoyed themselves. I hope this information helps you have a happy time with your family!


*At the time of this posting, I have no affiliation with Kalahari Resorts. My trip was reserved and paid for by me. Any questions on the resort should be directed to resort staff. This information is meant as a personal opinion/review and does not guarantee the accuracy of data provided. This article is for informational/entertainment purposes only.

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