Best Gifts for Dancers


Whether it’s recital season, completion time, Christmas, or birthdays, just about everyone has a dancer on their list. Do you want to get them the perfect special gift but don’t know enough about what dancers need or use to even begin picking out a gift? Help is here!

Best gifts for dancers

Best Gifts for Dancers


For many of these girls, dancing is not just what they DO- it’s who they areSupporting their dream and their talent means a lot to them. For you to seek out and get them the equipment they need to support their dreams- well, that is the true gift.

I went straight to the source to find some ideas for the best gifts for dancers. My source, Miss Brittany, is a veteran competitive dancer and student at a performing arts high school. She has been dancing since she was three years old and dancing competitively since she was five. She has won many awards (including Rising Star for her studio), danced half-time for the Harlem Globetrotters, and teaches her craft to aspiring dancers. With 13 years of expereince under her belt, she knows what dancers need and what they want. She helped me compile an awesome list of the best gifts for dancers.

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Here is her list of gifts that any dancer would love:

  1. Foot Care– Dancers must take excellent care of their feet at all times. Any gifts that help reach that goal are always welcome. For example: Blister block, band aids, Neosporin, or lambs wool (commonly used for ballet pointe to protect the dancers feet) are super important to a dancer.
  2. Pedicure gift certificate – see #1 😉
  3. Gift Cards to shoe stores- Stores such as Dicks and Foot Locker often sell shoes for Hip Hop class. Useful if the dancer on your list is enrolled in a hip hop class (maybe ask first).
  4. Leotards and tights –If you don’t know sizes, a gift certificates to any dance wear store would work.

  5. Hair Care Items– Dancers need stock in hair care items such as Bobby pins and hair spray.
  6. Changing tent-  Competitive dancers change costumes many times and often have to do so in a crowded room. Pop-up changing tents are a great gift because they are very portable and provide some much needed privacy. Amazon has a large selection of portable changing tents:
  7. Make-up or make-up gift cards-  Dancers go through lots of make-up during competitions and recitals. Many dance studios require certain brands/colors so the cost adds up. Gift certificates are a nice gift to help cover some of that cost.
  8. Call the studio and ask to pay towards tuition- Competitive dance gets pretty expensive. Often studios will allow you to make a payment (even anonymously if you prefer) towards a student’s account. This is a gift that would be greatly appreciated by nearly any dance student (or dance parent)!!!
  9. Suitcases – Being able to efficiently carry and organize costumes is a big need. Dancers use a type of rolling suitcase that has a bar which extends to allow them to hang their costumes. One of the favorite brands is dream duffel but there are comparable designs on Amazon here: LINK 
  10. Costume Rack– Once the dancers gets all of their necessities to the venue, they need to keep everything organized and wrinkle-free. This inexpensive and portable racks help keep costumes neatly in order.

Some smaller items assembled into a gift basket would make a lovely gift on recital day! Throw in some foot care items, hair spray, even refillable water bottles and you have a thoughtful and useful gift to present to your favorite dancer to show your support of their dream and their special talent!

Sometimes the best gifts for dancers is to show them your support.

gifts for dancers


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