Kids Birthday Party Ideas- (and locations) with Printable List!

A full list of birthday party location ideas to make planning a snap so you can focus on what’s rally important- your special birthday kid!

kids birthday party ideas

party location ideas

They grow up so fast. You spend the entire month before their birthday just staring at them thinking “didn’t you just learn to crawl? Weren’t you just in diapers? When did you get so big”. 

It is amazing how quickly it goes from seeing that first positive pregnancy test to potty training to kindergarten. One minute you are holding them in your arms in the hospital and the next minute you are planning their graduation party.

We can’t keep our babies from having birthdays but we can try to make each one special.

Every birthday is a gift and every child should get to feel like they are the VIP for that special day. Whether a big fiesta is the one thing they ask for this year or they’d rather celebrate with a few good friends, a party makes the birthday child king or queen for a day!

And Mom has to plan the party…

Every time one of our kids is having a birthday, my sister and I pull out some scratch paper and start brainstorming birthday party location ideas. We ask our Moms groups, poll our friends, call local party spots, and Google ideas for “kid’s birthdays”. This year, we pulled all of those ideas together to make a master list of all the most awesome birthday party spots!

I want to share this list with you because I know you do something similar for your kid’s birthdays. All you want is to make your kid happy and feel special on their birthday. I hope this list helps you plan the best party ever!

We came up with as many different party location ideas as we could think of, Google, and share from experience so you can save a step this year and focus on the birthday kid instead of the party.

These 25 suggestions can vary greatly by location so always check with the facilities near you. There is a printable version on this list so you can print it out, pencil in more ideas, cross out some “no’s”, and find your perfect party location. Be sure to bookmark or pin this page and reference it whenever you need to plan a party!

Location Ideas for the BEST BirthdayParty Ever!

25 Kids Birthday Party Location Ideas- and Printable List!

  • Inflatable Bounce House- Inflatable Bounce House locations have been popping up everywhere. These are big, warehouse size buildings full of commercial bounce houses. Here is an example:
  • Trampoline Style Jump Park
  • Children’s Museum
  • Fun Zones (Arcade & Climbing Style)
  • Chuck E. Cheese
  • Crafting (craft stores, pottery studios, painting studios)
  • Pizza Place
  • Soccer Shots or Indoor arenas
  • Swimming (local pools, friend’s house, YMCA, schools, universities)
  • Mini Golf
  • Bowling Alley
  • Church Hall/Fire Hall/Municipal or Community Center
  • Humane Society (Education Rooms)- Have a Pet lover? Many Humane Society locations have a party room (usually in the education room) and offer a variety of animal themed party options. Check your local center for more information.
  • Gymnastics/Dance Studios
  • YMCA
  • Build-A-Bear Workshop
  • Ice Skating Rink
  • Roller Skating Rink
  • Make-over Salon- Try looking for a franchise store (such as Sweet N Sassy) near your location or you could also check with local beauty shops to see if they do parties.
  • Local restaurants- Some local restaurants may have party rooms. This may be a nice option if you don’t want to have to worry about food; they usually do the cooking/food service for you!
  • Movie Theater- many movie theaters have a party room or host children’s party. Check with your local theater!
  • Local Park- weather permitting
  • Mobile Parties- Google “mobile birthday parties {your location}” and check out all of the cool options. If you are a reasonable distance from a major city, you will likely find mobile parties with themes such as gaming, laser tag, makeovers, karaoke, animal/reptile show… and more. They bring the party to you!
  • Zoo- If you are near a larger city, the zoo may offer birthday party options. Here is an example from the Pittsburgh Zoo: LINK
  • Laser Tag Locations


Save yourself a party-planning step this year and use this pre-made list for brainstorming! Grab your sister, husband, best friend, party planner- and start narrowing down ideas without starting from scratch. Now that you have a big list of birthday party location ideas, you can focus your attention on your birthday kid before they start selling out college applications…!

Don’t forget to PIN IT for when you’re planning your next party! Did I miss any birthday party ideas for kids?



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25 Birthday Party ideas for busy moms! Printable list for brainstorming!

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  1. My son’s birthday is a few weeks away, and we want to do something special for him. After reading this article, I think he’d enjoy a party at our local pizza shack, who thankfully, have a birthday party area. Thank you for the help!

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