Character Cups Lid Hack!

Preview: Get some use out of those clumsy cups with this simple character cups lid hack!

Character Cups Lid Hack

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Do you have a zillion of these cups? The ones the kids get at birthdays because they match the party theme?   The ones that have their favorite character (because they are available in EVERY character ever created)! Me too.

My kids are all under 5 years old. Running through the house using a cup with no lid is not Mommy’s favorite pastime. I understand the importance of children learning to hold a cup and drink without spilling… but let’s try that in the summer. Outside. Where there is no carpeting.

Back to the cups! (Sorry!)

So this hack was actually discovered one day by accident. By my 4 year old.

We have an Activity Idea Jar sitting on the kid’s table because we use it almost every day to help us pick something fun to do (or keep us busy!). It is made from an icing container. The lid was lying on the table so she decided to put it on her Trolls cup. Amazingly, it fit! And it fit well. There was a fairly tight seal and I even tipped it upside-down to test spilling and there was NO SPILLING! The character cup lid hack was born!

Here’s what you need:

Character cup

icing container (just the lid)

X-ACTO knife 

Drinking straw

  1. Remove lid from icing container
  2. Using X-ACTO knife, cut a small X on the lid (CAREFULLY- these knives are super sharp!)
  3. Secure the lid to the cup’
  4. Add a straw
  5. Drink!

I was able to turn the cup completely over without a spill- but cup/lid sizes may vary so I suggest testing it over the sink first.


Character Cup Lid Hack


Now you can get some use out of all those character cups! I hope this simple character cups lid hack saves you a spill or two!

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