Spooky Halloween Drink for kids!

Sneak preview: Just four ingredients make this spooky Halloween drink recipe for kids! 

Your kids will love this fun and easy Halloween drink that is tart and sweet! It’s the perfect drink to add to your spooky Halloween menu of ghost pancakes, witch burgers, and rice crispy dessert! If you are looking for a fun, nonalcoholic drink idea for a school Halloween party or costume party, this 3 ingredient drink recipe will be your new Halloween tradition.

WITCH'S BREW Halloween drink for kids

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Did you know that grenadine can contain alcohol? I did not know this! Some brands of grenadine can contain around 2% alcohol. Make sure you are using the alcohol free brands such as Rose’s Grenadine or Finest Call Cherry Syrup. In some states you can only buy the alcohol version in a liquor store but you should definitely check your bottle to be sure before you make this drink! You might also want to double check with your server if you order your child a Shirley Temple drink in a restaurant!

Now that we’re clear on safety 😉 let’s start making the witch’s brew!


Spooky Halloween Drink for kids:

Here’s what you need:

Green Apple Kool-Aid (pre-mixed)


Grenadine (or cherry syrup)

*Gummy candy (scary body parts or spiders!)


  1. Fill clear glass full with ice. The ice helps keep the gummy candy in place.
  2. Add green apple Kool-Aid filling about 3/4 of the glass.
  3. Push gummy candies into the glass on the sides. You may want to use a butter knife or skewer to get the gummy into place. Use the ice as support to keep them from “swimming” around.
  4. Add grenadine or cherry juice by pouring the syrup over the back of a spoon (this helps you control where the liquid flows). Try to aim for the sides of the glass to get the dripping blood effect.
  5. Drink if you dare!

halloween drink recipe

halloween drink recipe

*Gummy candy can be a choking hazard and should only be served to children when it is age appropriate and under parental supervision. 

The green apple Kool-Aid is a little sour or tart so the sweetness of the grenadine gives it a fun sweet-sour taste- perfect for Halloween! Tricks and Treats!!!

Share this recipe with your ghoul-friends! You might even spike it (responsibly!) for an adult Halloween drink idea!

Spooky Halloween Drink idea

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